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My players are going to be starting on Kingmaker soon, and I was hoping to run Way of the Wicked as a sort of sequel to it, where we jump forward in time and have their new PCs tearing down the kingdom they spent so much time building. There's a few big issues I'm having on figuring out how to change Way of the Wicked to have Talingarde be the PCs future kingdom.

The first, and biggest, is the geography. From what I can tell, the Kingmaker kingdom is pretty landlocked, while Talingarde is a huge island. Any advice on either A) Converting the Way of the Wicked story to work in a land-locked environment or B) Coming up with a good explanation for why the kingdom got moved out to sea?

Other things, like location names and history, should be fairly easy to rejigger, but, from what I've gathered, Talingarde being an island is fairly important to the plot of the AP.

Good idea, was thinking of something similar myself as a prequel to Skull and Shackles as the main protagonist is Cheliax the Devil nation.

Just substitute Telingrade for Chelix and do away with the main island of the Inner Sea(its not needed anyway), eveything else stays as it is. Talingarde would be to the North of the Eye.

It would be a really interesting take on how Asmodeous came to power there.

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