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In my DND group we decided after we finished our 4e game (we had just finished a 3.5 game) and after we had seen guardians of the galaxy and decided to do a guardians inspired savage worlds game

here is the team

a jholigar (custom psionic alien race)

an Alfas (custom tiger with laser claws alien race)

a pheonix (fire-based alien race)

I will be posting updates and hopefully getting replies on this thread

I look forward to following this. Have you considered posting on the Pinnacle forums ( also?

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I dont have account there

I am playing the jholigar, who will be an occult investigator from a gaslight victorian society

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my brother is the alfas who will have laser claws (smite racial power and natural weapons)

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here are the racial traits for the races if you want to use them in your game

Jholigar: arcane background (psi), outsider hindrance, -1 parry hindrance, free d6 in psionics

pheonix: flight, outsider hindrance, bolt racial power, all thumbs hindrance

alfas: natural weapon (claws), smite racial power, outsider hindrance, all thumbs hindrance

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looked at low-life, it looked hilarious

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had game today, it was awesome!!! too late to talk about it now but i will post the update on it tomorrow

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Here is what happened: our characters were escorting a prisoner to a space jail so we could get a bounty, one of the characters tried breaking him out but failed and we were attacked by bug people, the team consists of a robot ape with a bazooka for an arm, we also had a purple monk who could turn his hands into weapons, a lizard person assassin, an ignis tribblian (phoenix), an alfas and a jholigar

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We also have a conduit (one of my friends just finished infamous: second son)

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we didn't have a game this week due to rose city comicon

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