Destroying Items on Death

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I like the idea due to several reasons:

-It gives me more agency over my character.
-It provides a method of interaction other then combat.
-It can be used to f$#$ over bandits and that's always good in my book.

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Lam wrote:

So much like you to make this a bandit game.

1) SAD exists to encourage merchants (or harvesters or, to others, newbies) to give bandits product of their hard work.

Except we don't know what the S&D mechanics entail as yet. It may be faction based and not allow anyone to be issued a S&D.

Lam wrote:
2) If refused, bandits can attack, kill and take 75% with no rep loss, in some hexes, not even alignment hits.

No. The bandits can attack. There is no guaranteed kill. There is also a chaotic alignment shift.

Lam wrote:
3) If other associated with merchants (vanguard, people setting up trap for bandits, calvary following, can not join fight without getting Attacker, alignment hit (even if bandits had not hit) and rep loss for those bandits killed (but bandits have not rep loss)

Except for that criminal flag bandits get for using S&D that makes them FFA PvP. I'm sure there is another thread somehwere full of how horrific FFA PvP is. Seems you don't agree with that sentiment.

Lam wrote:
Oh and the biggest, formerly biggest bandit fighter has decided to partner with bandits for personal griefing vendetta.

What has this got to do with anything? Seems you're the one getting personal.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Bluddwolf wrote:
3. Upon death, how is the 25% destroyed determined?
This piece appeared recently; I believe it's a random chance rolled for each separate item, or for a stack if that stack's above a certain size. I'll try to dig the quote later, if no one else finds it first.

Providing quote:

Stephen Cheney wrote:

It's not active right now.

Once it's in, the current plan is:
* For single items or small stacks, we roll a random 25% chance of destruction for each item.
* For stacks over 5, we destroy 25% of the items in the stack (and I assume it will round in a normal fashion, so if it's a stack of 6-9, it'll destroy 2 items).

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