5-14 Day of the Demon (Spoilers)

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There was not a thread for this Scenario so I thought I would start one.

Area D1 Treasure states there is a Robe of Bone that radiates a moderate necromancy aura. If the PC's don't cast detect magic, how do they determine this robe is any different for any of the other robes in the room?


Treasure: The robes all appear unremarkable, and they

smell musty, having been out of use for decades. Despite
their ordinary appearance, however, one of the robes
radiates a moderate necromancy aura—it is a robe of bones.

I'd say they don't.

There's a long thread with some helpful tips from when it was released as an exclusive for the first year (4-EX).

EDIT: Link to thread

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Were there any significant changes to this Scenario when it went from 4EX to 5-14?

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I didn't notice any.

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