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Oh most awesome customer service: This is probably not an order / replacement problem, as it concerns the two latest books of that order. Should it be a problem with your printer though, I think it has to be brought to you attention.

My copy of 'Inner Sea Combat' as well as both copies of the 'Alchemy Manual' share an undesirable trait: The pages protude about 1 or 2 milimetres beyound the cover, which will probably result in some slight damages sooner than it is the norm for softcover books. In the case of the 'Alchemy Manual' copies, the reason for this seems to be that the pages are stapled lightly to the right of the cover fold.

If you need photographs of the issue, it might take until early next week for me to provide them, as my digicam has been gremlined.

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

We are aware that both the Alchemy Manual and the Inner Sea Combat books have a millimeter difference between the covers and pages. All the copies of these titles were cut the same way. We are working with our printer on fixing that for future books.

sara marie

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Thank you, oh most awesome customer service, I just wanted to be sure you are aware of thet issue. Have a great weekend!

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