[Roll D20 / Any] New PFS Player looking for their 1st game. Either 3 / 16 , 3 / 22 or 3 / 23 at 8:00 PM (NYS Time Zone...don't know what it's called.)

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As the title says. I am in a very terrible perdiciment when it comes to finding a PF Society game. The area in which I am currently based dose not have any games for level 1 characters in the near future. After checking the online games, all of them where either filled well above capacity, with wait lists that had 2+ individuals already on them, or not at times that worked out with my schedule. Thus, I am making the following add hoping I get some bites. I am looking for any game that would allow a level 1 character to be held on one of the dates and the time in the title. (Preferably 3/16, though any of the other dates are possible.) I am more then open to a new GM, if you happen to be one. However, I don't have the time to GM this myself. I would prefer a party of five, but a smaller or larger party I could deal with as well. As for communication methods, I can do whatever one works for you so long as roll D20 is used as the map platform. I really am not picky. I will play whatever you want to run, so long as I actually get to play.

So, would anybody be willing to help a new player get into an actual game?

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You're like many PFS players...including me. There are times I'm quite anxious to find a game. I would say to be patient and watch this board and especially watch and here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e.

Usually GM's don't announce much more than a week in advance. I've GM'd a couple of Tier 1-2 sessions recently (Confirmation and We Be Goblins!). I was going to hold off on doing these any time soon only because it seems like these have been done a little too often recently. My next one I plan on doing soon (a few weeks?) is We Be Goblins Too! for Tier 2-4 (but still with pregen goblins).

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I'm planning on doing We Be Goblins Too soon too (no pun intended).

Takhisis, you'll need to work out what timezone you're in (GMT/UTC) or you're going to have a lot of trouble finding any games, even when they're ready for signups. I think NYS (New York State?) is UTC-5 (GMT-5).

New York should be at -4 right now due to the Daylight Savings shift, unless New York has done something intensely weird in the last week and no longer uses Eastern Standard. :) (Which I wouldn't put past them!)

Having played through The Confirmation this weekend, I look forward to running it in the future, but it won't be til later in the Spring. That said, I'm eager to get some low-tier gaming in online now that I have a proper PFS character to mess around with, so I'll be watching these sorts of 'newbie' threads.

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Depending on the day, I'd be interested in trying out a game on roll20. Haven't tried that, yet, and not sure about it, but am interested.

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You would be? That's good. In that case I have one person. If you'd be willing to GM that would be great, as you could go put an add up on Roll D20 and we could get more players that way!

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Wanna play a goblin in a legal PFS game? This is for this Sunday evening (5PM MDT). You can apply the credit to a level 2-4 character. And, if you don't have a character that level yet, that's okay, you can set aside the chronicle (but assign it to that character's PFS #) and just apply it as soon as they get to that level.

I have spots for alternates open HERE.. As you'll learn with online games, it's very common for people to sign-up and then drop before the game starts, hence the need for alternates.

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