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Magic Item, Spell, Feat, Bestiary, and NPC DBs have been updated on d20pfsrd.com for

Tome of Horrors 4 is finished!!!

AP 75, Towns Of The Inner Sea, Blood Of The Moon

Bestiary 4 started Es


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updated with complete Bestiary 4

This is good news. And am I wrong or is there another site that also keeps track of the open gamimg material from Pathfinder?

Don't forget, you can add "Teamwork Traits" to the fold.

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Amora Game wrote:
Don't forget, you can add "Teamwork Traits" to the fold.

I think you are confusing the site data, the actual html pages, with the "databases."

They are separate.
If you think data is missing from the traits page, http://www.d20pfsrd.com/traits, send John and email.

The traits DB is done by someone else, not me, and you should contact them about missing data.

I'll touch base with John. Thanks!

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chopswil wrote:
updated with complete Bestiary 4

The Excel and ODS download files appear to be missing a number of columns that where previously present, for example INIT, Senses, Aura, AC Mods etc.

Is this a new ongoing change in the format?

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