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Just a simple, hopefully fun thought/world-building exercise.

Barring the usual Fantasy World technological stasis, Where do you think the various peoples and nations of Golarion could end up roughly five hundred years from now (give or take a century)?

Have the rival city-states of Varisia grown into full-fledge kingdoms? Have they been unified into a single nascent empire? Was it though force, diplomacy, or necessity?

Has Cheliax tried to assert more control over it's old colonies in Varisia or Garund? Did they pacify the Shackles?

Did Narimithas and Molthune finally have that war that's been brewing? Who won?

In what form has Galt finally stabilized? Or did it tear itself apart and get conquered/annexed/absorbed by neighboring states?

Has Taldan made any gains in regaining former glory, status, or territories? How are things along the Quadiran border? Has it moved in either direction?

Has Andoran undergone any shifts in National and Foreign Policy? Perhaps it's gained land from Cheliax, Taldor or it's neighbors through war or "Peacekeeping" operations? Has it lost any? How are things in Darkmoon Vale?

Has technology enabled more regular trade from Minkai? Are both Avistani and Minkai colonies approaching each other through opposite sides of Arcadia? How do the locals feel about that?

Have the Dwarves made any headway towards growing their own kingdoms or reclaiming lost Sky Citadels? Have there been any wars or nation-building in the Darklands?

Has Space Travel become a thing yet? How are things in the rest of the solar system?

What about Nex and Geb? Maybe their patrons have surfaced again? Are they at war? Have any of their neighbors been drawn into it?

What about the Gods? Has Shelyn made any headway towards helping her brother? Is Iomedae starting to act all Tsundere around Cayden Cailean? Has Desna decided to get aggressive towards any of her old enemies? What effect is this having on their mortal followers?

Any answers? Further Questions? Other parts of the world you'd like to look at?

I like the questions about the political borders and such.
I think varisia would probably require a war that partially or fully unites the region.

Galt will be absorbed/conquered unless a particularly successful group unifies it

Cheliax probably loses all foreign holdings holding

Taldor probably collapses in one way or another

Nirmathus prolly stays independent and grows pretty powerful.

Drums probably either gets invaded or significantly changes so that it no longer is his weird trading center thing that has little to do with politics.

Worldwound prolly consumes parts of Belkzen, land of mammon lords, ,
Though Mendev will probably be a stalemate of sorts. Sudden changes In the geography and topography from worldwound , may change major nearby weather patterns. (In addition to all the weird fiendish magic going on).

Maybe one or two kingdoms become prominent in mwangi


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