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So who else is obsessively checking the product page to see when this is available? I'm running it next week, but the real reason is I want to see that chronicle sheet!

The Exchange

You can relax. It won't be up until after 8PM Eastern time.

Grand Lodge

Thanks, Doug. Is this standard practice for PFS scenarios? Just so I can be a little more efficient with my day's work on release days. :)


Yeah, every month they go through this.

It'll say available today until about 9 PM EST, and then they usually got to 'unavailable' for awhile to tweak those waiting, before finally being announced as available and released sometime thereafter.

(That was tongue in cheek, in case it doesn't come across.)

Silver Crusade

I'm quite curious about the chronicle sheet, too, but I'll be waiting until I actually play it in 2.5 weeks with my level 4 Lantern Lodge member.

Grand Lodge

Update: Now it's listed as available tomorrow.

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I plan on playing this on Sunday.

Just so glad I found a local game shop running PFS, the last time I checked there were none that were anywhere near me.

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Okay, the tie in with the First Steps II chronicle is nice.

5/5 ⦵⦵⦵

Iiiiiits hEeeEEEEEeeeere

and WOW on the lantern lodge blowout.

And now I will stop reading this thread :)
I plan on playing this soon.

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