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Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5

Okay I am trying to create an event for a home game later this week. It will be a module but I can't seem to find the modules on the create a scenario page. I can only find a listing of scenarios for seasons 0-5. Can someone give me some advice please.

The Exchange

There seems to be a bug that omits the modules from the scenario page. However, when you go to report the event if you toggle the "show all scenarios' button the modules do show up. So don't sweat it. Just choose any old scenario, then after the game report the correct module. I'm sure that Paizo is aware of the bug and is working on it.

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Yeah, others have brought it to their attention. I don't know what the status of it is currently, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Grand Lodge 4/5 5/5

thanks for the quick answers guys.

The Exchange

You're welcome, and thanks for reporting your sessions!

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