Request for Paypal Direct Transfer

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As a Canadian, I can't use paypal's debit card system (only those in the US can). A system that would allow me to buy your game would be great!

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Sorry—last I looked at PayPal's terms of service, it conflicted pretty hard with our requirements. Specifically, they expire authorizations really quickly after an order is placed, so it wouldn't work with the majority of the more than 31,000 items we offer (because we order them from our distributor when you order them from us, which takes more time than they allow) and setting up a system that said "you can use PayPal, but only if you buy X, but not Y or Z" would increase customer confusion and frustration. (Also, the way they allow processing of "subscriptions" doesn't work at all the same way that we do subscriptions, so even if they changed the first part to suit us, it still wouldn't work with a lot of what we do.)

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