3.5 Druid concept help ...pack of companions.


So in one of my tabletop games I'm playing a fourth level druid with a wolf for an animal companion. Is there a way to add more wolves, to form a pack? I know the Beastmaster PrC gets extra companions ...could wild empathy and animal handling eventually do it? Is there a feat I'm missing? Or should my main wolf take leadership? Anything I'm missing?

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You might want to take a look at the Kobold Quarterly #18 "Beast Masters" article, which does pretty much what you are proposing (plus more :)

Here's a quote from one of the reviews:
“Beast Masters” takes a completely new approach to an old problem. The answer .... make a special Beast Leadership Feat instead. The Beast Leadership feat is very detailed and well thought out, allowing multiple ways to make your character a Lord of the Wild Things. I guarantee, with this feat you can make a very credible Andre Norton style Beastmaster.

Check it out here:
Kobold Quarterly 18

Thanks! Downloading now.

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Sounds good!

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