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Hey all,

I'm hoping to play Eyes of the Ten sometime before Gencon.

Anyone know of any conventions offering it between now and GenCon?

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We ran a table of it at KublaCon last year, while I'm not the organizer I suspect we will run it again this year. Labor Day weekend near SF www.kublacon.com The Khan of Cons.


Who's Yer Con is in March...you're already signed up to be there =p (but busy)

Chris Bonnet was talking about seeing about getting a table of it for InCon Junction in July in Indy. He wasn't sure if there'd be enough players for it though.

I read Origins was going to have it in June too in Columbus, OH.

Only ones I know of in our neck of the woods coming up off the top of my head.

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Yeah I'm running all of Who's Yer Con.

Inconjunction and Origins would both be doable though.

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Though outside of your area, I was planning on running it at MACE West if there are enough players.


If you want to come to MegaCon in Orlando (less than a month away at this point), I know we are offering it down here.

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The tentative plan for InCon is Mike Costello GMing. Player-wise it'll be Tracy, Mike C, and maybe someone else.

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Ooh Tracy would be playing it?

I think Inconjunction may be the way to go for me then.

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Our current make-up is Tracy's witch, Mike C's witch, my inquisitor or cleric and if our friend David can make it he has a cleric with a wolf companion. Yes, it's a little sad that I have 2 eligible PCs that I can play. :)

Oh, and to clarify VL Mike Cleland is playing and VL Mike Costello is GMing...too many Mike C's. :)

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We will probably be running it at Gamestorm 2013 in Vancouver, WA around March 21-24, if you're in the area.

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I'd be bringing My Bard 11/Fighter 1.
Doesn't deal a lot of damage but he's incredibly hard to hit.

I'd love to play it alongside you guys though.

Incon will have an Eyes of the Ten series.

Eyes table right now
GM VL Mike C
VC Tracy
VL Greg
VL Mike C
VL Brian

One spot is taken, I think I may reach out to other regional VO's see if someone wants to join the table.

I think the demand is high to have another Eyes table. Last year we had a new player come to InCon and he is one away from 12 right now. I know several other players are very close.

I have a Warhorn ready, still have to here from con people to see what my GM badge limit will be. Hopefully I can have everything ready by WYC.

Hard to run a con after WYC expectations, this will be something different.


Sovereign Court 4/5

Awesome looks like I found my con to play Eyes!

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muhawahaa. . .

Dark Archive 5/5 5/55/5 Venture-Captain, Indiana—Lafayette aka Cactus-Jack

oohh the pressure of running in front of so many peer VO's. . . ;)

Here's a scarey thought, there is a good possibility that I will be at the point to qualify for star numero 5 by then. If not I'll only be a couple tables away.

I suspect they would love the chance to have a TPK by a 5-star GM.

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