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Just thought I'd make people aware of another miniature KS.
Torn World Miniatures.

Strange and intriguing these models would make ideal villains or twisted hero's. From the already funded, goblin pirates to the hatchet wielding Red riding hood; these should be a treat.

"Close your eyes and try to imagine a place where what you know isn't exactly what it seems. A land where your nightmares walk the earth next to you and the spirits of whimsy are only a breath away."

By Centre stage Miniatures, who have run another sucessful KS - Old School Demons & Devils. Where they have proved amenable to feed-back, capable of producing reasonable and beautiful mini's.

At a standard 28mm scale and lead-free metal, these are perfect for Pathfinder. With dozens of miniatures planned and them dropping the price of the complete package (1 of each model) to $100, this could be a bargain the more they raise.

There's some really cool drawings, if the mini's can match the art-work then it should be a fine collection. What do others think?

Unfortunately, the fact that these are so niche, coupled with his undelivered first project, is strangling this project. The people who created Torn World are really nice people and will be running their own project, independent of CSM, on March 3rd to fund their skirmish game, Torn Armor. Personally, I'm waiting for that since it sounds much more juicy.

Well, the first project hasn't actually been scheduled for delivery yet. And most of the miniatures have been produced.

I know, I wasn't saying he's late, I just mean that he is still in the middle of the first one and started a second. A lot of people won't back a second project by the same person if the first one isn't finished yet.

I would like to see this be successful and reach its lofty goals. Good luck Torn World!

Well they have unlocked 4 extra miniatures for free. So it'd be great if we could get this one rolling properly and onwards towards the next stretch goals.

Which is quite low so far, if you think that Stonehaven Gnomes is at $100k + , and many other mini KS's get at least half that.

Recruits tons wrote:
A lot of people won't back a second project by the same person if the first one isn't finished yet

True, but they have closed down their web-store to handle this KS, whereas other projects like Goblinworks/PFO do run another KS whilst they haven't delivered their goods yet.

Or 'Cool Mini or Not' also, and all their Kickstarters have been massive. I am not sure why starting a Kickstarter while another is completed and in production is a negative. My experience so far is that as long as they are on track and providing updates for their other projects, there shouldn't be any problems with setting up to what amounts to a future project.

Likely by the time the Kickstarter ends and they get all the surveys done (Kickstarter makes that a minimum three weeks from the end of the Kickstarter), their other project will be out the door as that would be another month and half out from now.

The biggest thing that is killing this thing is the deal. There isn't one unless this thing takes off like crazy making the $100 and $150 levels a great value. That along with the niche market for these, it's just a huge turn-off for people.

If I could just get Red, Telsa, and the Lich King for ~$25, I'd be in, but since I'd have to buy in for $50 to get them, I'm definitely going to just wait and see. Probably pick them up when he reopens his webstore. Unless he decides to let people get them for less than a $50 pledge, which would be awesome! Like if I could pledge $10 for the first mate and then add money for the others I really like :D

I'm just reporting what people have said. I didn't back the first project, so it's not my deal, but I know a LOT of people that backed the Demons and Devils and don't want to back this because of the unfinished first project. It's a big deal to some people because they have no idea what quality the casts will be, especially since Matt was so adamant about people switching back from resin to metal.

Fair enough, although they have photo's of a lots of greens. With regular updates and good communication.

I thought the offer to produce metal mini's, at an extra cost for those who requested was very generous.

But this project certainly has some interesting (& horrific) concepts. At least worth a look at the models.

See, if I could get the guys I want without a $50 price tag, I'd be in this so freaking fast! I love the Red concept. It's bloody stellar! I've spoken to Alyssa Faden a few times and she's a great lady and her and Jack have done a great job on the world. Once these hit Matt's store, I'll be picking a few of them up ;)

True, it's one of those KS's that if it was lucky and been heavily backed early on then it could be 20+ mini's for a reasonable amount. Of course, because of it only doing quite mediocre - the creator CSM has had to put in quite a few extra's and drop some targets.

Like adding a giant mini into the mix.

Yeah, I wish it had blown up a bit more. That $100 level could be an incredible value if enough goals get it. At the moment, the $50 level is actually quite nice with the giant added in (if you're into the old school look). Two goblins and 4 stretch goals minis plus the two firbolg or the mountain giant isn't a bad value. If he sweetens the pot one or two more times with something else he sells, I think people will be pledging on value at money will flow much easier, heck, I might even drop some cash if that were to happen

Yep, now there is the "Red"-riding hood figure (work-in-progress), available. Which is looking really nice and seems to match the illustration well. And considering that some of these illustrations are out-there, this is a very nice sign.

I would love to see how the man made of rats would look, that'd be freaky - if they could pull it off.

Hey guys - I honestly appreciate you all talking about this honestly and openly. I agree with the sentiments herein. I can't say more, but yeah ... totally. At least we'll get some of these unlocked, get them into the store, and when everything has been delivered we'll look at expanding the line, right?

Thanks for dropping by, Alyssa. What I have seen looks great. I also wish we could have seen more of the line develop.

My feedback would have been some lower pledge levels more in line with what recruits tons was after. It's still possible to add pledge levels based on my experience as a pledger, so perhaps there's still time to help this become a more attractive pick-and-choose-your-minis Kickstarter.

Good luck, and can't wait for the Skirmish KS to get started.

Second the thanks, and Center Stage Mini's have added and extra Large monster to the $100 level and 3 more barbarian models to go with the Corpse-Centipede & Skeletal-Behir for the higher $150 level.

Sovereign Court

Well, I took the risk. Let's hope this works

Only 4 hours left, more stretch goals revealed and more offers available. This could end up with some good deals for the fortunate.

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