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Age of Worms Adventure Path

Ok I just found this... we been playing age of worms for about the last year now after a very shaky start I think we are finally on the home stretch toward the conclusion.

here's the party make-up
Lancelot Calloway... 15 battle sorcerer/ 1 holy scourge
Brom... 10 barbarian/ 6 frenzied bererker
Altaria... 6 cleric/ 10 radiant servant of pelor
Dominic black... a whole bunch of classes and unseen seer (sneak attack build)
Stan magibowski... 4 ranger/ 12 cleric

I just finished Zeech's Gala and I have a few interesting points to make...

the Player's for some reason have a hard time listening to me even after I repeat myself several times. anyway Manzorian simply says Alhaster and they are like "let's go!!" without knowing why they are going there. I told them about balakarde the wizard who was obsessed with Kyuss, I told them about Lashonna (major plot hook) among other things several times and no matter what they simply avoid talking to lashonna about anything that have to do with balakarde and age of worms or anything.

eventually I just had her show up at their "residence" (church of kord) telling them that she heard of their heroics defeating the ebon triad cult in diamond lake, she liked their "craziness" during the gala and would like to meet with them.

she was far from avoided they talked to her even danced with her but made no mention of the need to talk to her about balakarde.

anyway the Gala went kinda smooth here are some points.

I made all the food myself and served to the players IRL as their characters were served it. I couldn't make everything exact but the almond biscuits made from scratch were good, chicken legs glazed in honey, deviled eggs, ginger bread men(with the heads), ground beef shaped like a worm with green food coloring, chicken pot pies, crab and chicken wrapped in bacon surrounded by ground beef(good), chicken noodle aspic with purple food coloring(yuck!!), and cinnamin blossoms from bob evans.

I also had the players dress up and gave them extra xp for it.

during the days before the gala B'kruss found them and the sorcerer destroyed him by "leaping" over 30' from roof to roof (he actually flew)(cheater!! b'kruss yelled but the people still cheered for the sorcerer) well he was egged on by several PCs during the bowling for devious heads and he lost against them and then challenged them to a dual, the PCs said to the death. so the barbarian utterly destroyed him. several laughed but other were like "oh my!!!" V'juss was only too happy and the rogue diplomacied with him and got 1000 GP out of him.

during the cockatrice fight the sorcerer cheated again by casting an imbued close wounds on one of the cats who'd also pass the save against pertification who would have died.

the barbarian put ranks in perform string instruments in order to play the harp of charming from the vault, he played lashonna a song. i giggled a little at the irony

I was surprised they didn't destroy the animated skeletons on sight, had a whole script about what would happen if they did.

none of them beat zeech in the curious avians, on the sorcerer's last round he knew he couldn't win and he cast fireball on them.

when served the foul tojbassarrirge (mouthful BTW) the barbarian was raised by orcs and he ate anyway, everyone gave up their portion to him. Lashonna was sitting next to him, being a dragon, and undead she finished hers. she was awarded some cool points.

when the cake fell apart I had the head roll right across the table to the sorcerer (who cheated during several of the games) he simply picked up the head and ate it without hesitation. he said something but can't remember.

all in all it was entertaining, hope you enjoyed reading this as I did typing it.

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My group had an awesome time in Alhaster. Well...the *players* did. The characters, maybe not so much. :) We cooked a feast and played it out in real time, too. Even recruited some extra friends and acquaintances to join in the fun.

We played that game for something like 4 years, and I have some wonderful memories of it. It's fun to see people are still playing the AoW AP. Thanks for sharing your story! ^_^

I thought about bringing in a friend who has DMed this. he wanted to play the ominous Fabler, but eventually decided against it. If I made the food I would have to make it for him as well money was tight.

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