Miniatures, Terrain, and other crafts: A Showcase



I'm in the mood to share, and would love to see some of your works as well! Painted minis, custom sculpts, terrain and dungeon tiles, random other game related arts and crafts, anything and everything!

Let the showcase begin!

Index of painted minis by me. Some of these are 20+ years old (as in, my very first attempts at painting minis), and some are as recent as a few months ago (so be prepared for a WIDE range in painting skills).

Index of terrain build by me (all via foam). Serpent's Skull AP Spoilers here, as they're all made for my group going through that AP at this moment.

Index of the life sized Pathfinder Goblin that I made. His eyes glow in the dark too! (though I couldn't get my camera to get a good shot of the eyes glowing in the dark, and the flash of the camera in normal light makes them look like their glowing)... and yes, the last few are x-mas pics of the little guy. He even overcame his fear of horses for some of the pics! :D


Here's a link to my blog's miniatures section. There's some terrain in there too even though I have terrain separate.

I really like your foam based terrain. I am just about to start an underdark campaign and have been thinking of the best way to do that, and I think your technique is going to be much easier and cheaper than trying to do it all with Hirst blocks. And I can always mix in Hirst blocks to provide some variety and depth.

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I love terrain here is a few links to some on mine....

Go to underdark set.

Go to battle arena.

Go to halloween set.

Go to Ice cavern set.

there is a bunch more on my vlog as well....

nice foam terrain by the way....


Nice stuff! I've been meaning to get into the Hirst casting myself. I do enjoy my foam method atm though - Familiar and inexpensive are two very good things. ^_^

Hopefully later this week and in upcoming weeks I'll be updating my mini collection with new pics of new minis, new terrain, and some new goblin stuff as well.

Adamantine Dragon: another method that is inexpensive as well as fairly quick and easy, is the DM Scotty method. It uses more basic every day materials (cardboard, paper plates, etc) to really great effect. He actually has 99 videos walking through how he makes various components for his games. I don't do it, but it's worth checking out.

I really like your Origami Eagle! That came out great! I also like your Black Abyzarran. Sometimes simple is better (in my opinion). I also like darker, grittier, and less "cartoony" paint jobs on minis (as you could probably tell from my mini collection), and this one of yours really made me smile.

wellsmv: Ha! I absolutely adore your Halloween Bash! 'course, you have a ton of great stuff (too much in all your vids to comment on atm). *continues scouring your videos for ideas for my own work*



Some updates to my website. A few more minis have been added. Some new terrain pics added, including a 1/3000 scale "world" map of Ilmuria (the "underdark" serpent folk city from the Serpent's Skull AP), picks of some of the other terrain bits I use, and two new pics of my goblin (showing his eyes glowing in the dark).

Most top-down view of Ilmurea (this map of Ilmurea also glows in the dark, but those pics didn't turn out)

Other odds and ends

Glow in the dark goblin eyes!

Extreme closeup!


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