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Requesting some help from the folks here for a project of mine. I'm looking for some songs with winter, cold, ice, etc. themed titles. The song itself doesn't have to be so much about winter, just the title. Here's the short list I have so far:

Under the Ice by Blind Guardian
Blizzard on a Broken Mirror by Avantasia
The Sound of Winter by Bush

Specifically requesting no rap, pop, or country songs, not a fan. Rock, metal, symphonic, orchestral, or other instrumental preferred. Links appreciated. Thanks in advance =)

A Winter's Tale--Queen

Hazy Shade of Winter--Simon & Garfunkel (Yeah, not really rock, but still...)

Winter--The Rolling Stones

Winter--Tori Amos

Winter Dies--Midlake

Wizards in Winter--Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Snow White Queen--Evanescence

Snowblind--Black Sabbath

Avoid the song "The Snow Fell" which is apparently white supremacist garbage.

A few more:

Eternal Snow--Adrian Von Ziegler

Living in the Ice Age--Joy Division

Cold as Ice--Socrates Sotos

Liberty's Edge

Winter's Wolves -The Sword


Yazoo--Winter Kills

Kate Bush=Under Ice

Danny Elfman--Ice Dance

Wendy & Lisa--The Closing of the Year

Scarab Sages

From my playlist:
Stratovarius - Winter Skies
Amorphis - Black Winter Day
Leaves Eyes' A Winter's Poem
Demons&Wizards - Winter of Souls
Amon Amarth - Arrival of the Fimbul Winter
Cradle of Filth - Queen of Winter throned
Rage - Don't Fear The Winter
Savatage - Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
Accept - Winter Dreams
John Olivas Pain - Winter Haven
Running Wild - Land of Ice
Rage - Lost in the Ice (bonus point for being an awesome Lovecraft adaption)
Iced Earth - Iced Earth
Rage - Days of December
Atrocity - Cold Black Days

Awesome stuff guys, thanks muchly =D keep 'em coming

Iceman - The Ice
Winter Harlequin - Heron
Icicles - Sallyangie
January Snows - The Woods Band
To Drive The Cold Winter Away - The Owl Service (who did a whole mini-LP of winter-themed songs, the name of which escapes me)

NB: Most of the above are folk-rock, which may or may not put you off :)

Within Temptation - Ice Queen

Liberty's Edge

If you still want stuff

Frozen Inspiration
Snow Pollen
My Love Is Winter
First of Storms

heavily non-actual-instruments

I'm actually set I think, but thanks for the links, I'm not familiar with... well, any of those except the Homestuck ones.

Liberty's Edge

All right.

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