Kingdom Building: Trade Routes


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An additional rule I was thinking of for Kingdom Building.

While this adds another complication, I think it's worth it for the interesting hooks it provides.


The economy score of a kingdom is the POTENTIAL MAXIMUM economy for the kingdom. The ACTUAL economy of your kingdom, the value you use for the economy roll, depends on the TRADE your kingdom has created. Your Trade score can never be more than your Economy score. You get Trade by building trade routes and having trade agreements with other kingdoms.

The actual amount of TRADE you get from a trade route or a trade agreement is up to the GM. Some examples might be:

* A kingdom can generate 10 points of Trade just on it's own.

* Any economy added from building roads counts as Trade

* Any economy bonus of a resource counts as Trade

* Connecting your kingdom to another kingdom via roads, +5

* Signing a trade agreement with another settlement (Thorp +2, Hamlet +4, Village +8, Small Town +16, Large Town +24, Small City +32, Large City +40, Metropolis +48). This bonus is limited to half of the total economy.

So for Kingmaker, the PCs can get +10 Trade for their own kingdom. Restov would provide a trade agreement providing up to +40 Trade. So if the Kingdom is Economy 30, the Trade Route score is 10 for their kingdom + 15 from Restov (max of half the PC's economy) = 25. The PCs aren't getting their maximum economy. They'll need to arrange some more Trade.

The PCs might turn at this point to Varnhold or Drelev to sign trade agreements. That would certainly make books 3 & 4 more interesting.

I like. Yoinked. I'll be starting RRR soon.

really hoping there is a nice trade AP someway in the future

good luck both of you, we got to about 140 hexes

Hmm, these look like some pretty good ideas.

Also: I've seen an out-of-print book for (I think) Magical Medieval Society floating round titled "The Silk Road". From what I've been able to read it's focused on caravan trade. If anyone here has read a copy, maybe they can tell the rest of us how good it is?

Magical Medieval Society: the Silk Road

is from Expeditious Retreat Press, the same folks who did A Magical Medieval Society : Western Europe and Magical Medieval Society: Beast Builder.

All are OGL products for use with D&D 3.x, easily adaptable to Pathfinder.

A good deal of the material in each is not system-specific, anyway.

Their materials are available here on the Paizo store in the Expeditious Retreat section

It has been a while since I read it, but my experiences with Expeditious Retreat have been positive. Their works are well-researched and reasonable fantasy extensions of the real-world models.

As a follow-up, I skimmed through Silk Roads tonight.

It would be a good resource for the Jade Regent AP, particularly The Hungry Storm chapters.

The book is about the long-distance trade across forbidding terrain... the historical Silk Road being the trade route between Rome/Europe and China, over which Chinese silk traveled to Rome and Roman glass reached China as a luxury good.

The scale is more suitable for running a campaign in which the PCs are the traders, and their adventures are part of the arduous trek. This is very much what the Jade Regent AP is about, so it would make a good resource for designing a similar long-distance overland journey (which would really just be one leg within the overall "silk road").

There is is a trade system, but it is geared more for presenting challenges to the PCs in an adventure scenario, and not so suitable for the abstract scale of Kingmaker.

Urath DM - thank you so much for pointing those out to me. I'll definitely be picking some of them up.

Scarab Sages

If anyone comes up with a good system of trade treaties/trade routes, I would love to hear the details. Right now IMC, trade treaties are recurring revenue streams that require roads or rivers, security along the way, initial startup costs, and a few diplomacy rolls to sign the agreement. I limit the number the kingdom can have based on its size and the number of farms and natural resources they have developed. All very seat-of-the-pants flying though, nothing codified.

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