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I'm kind of new to pathfinder society playing, and the only person I know who is a GM is moving soon so I'm looking to find other ways to play - are there any online games that could use one more?

Grand Lodge

I would like to know that too, i dont have a group and i can only play online!

Hello Elektra. There are some play-by-post PFS games that are run on these boards. I started playing in 2 in late June, one ended last week and went very well, the other we are currently mid-mission. I would keep an eye on the recruitment boards as I have been actively looking for more and they only seem to pop up once or twice a week. Good luck!

Thank you! I'll try to keep my eyes peeled!

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There has been an uptick in PFS pbp on these boards in the last month or so. I know of a few that are going on now. I may even consent to run one soon, depending on my schedule.

Look for the First Steps one being run by Brayden Green for lvl 1-2 characters. I know he was looking for more players not too long ago.

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