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Has anyone run an adventure about, or are their modules available for an elaborate team heist, in the tradition of Mission Impossible or Ocean's Eleven or a gazillion other movies? There should be confidence games, false identities, elaborate break-ins, daring escapes, etc. It might make for a complicated game but it would be fun in a fantasy setting to use rogue skills, illusions, shapechanging, and so forth. For a great example of this sort of thing in a written fantasy, see the novel The Lies of Locke Lamora about a band of audacious thieves in a Renaissance-type setting.

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The Aundarian Job. Dungeon magazine #147. The pc's break into a House Kundarak bank to retrieve a dangerous artifact. It's 3.5 (and Eberron), but still a great adventure and easily converted.

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Assuming your players are capable of something like this, you don't need a module. Make up the object to be stolen, it's owner, and then it's game world consistent defenses.

Think of where the object is, how it can be accessed directly, what prevents that, secondary ways of getting to it, and what if anything prevents those.

One complex element is getting a key to bypass a door you couldn't otherwise open, such as a magic scroll from a wizard or a signet ring that keeps the shield golem from chopping your head off.

Knowing what everything is, imagine at least one or two ways, dice permitting, that the party could be successful. Then let them make their own way, without you telling them what to do.

If they fail, there might be some extra precaution taken, like moving it to a safer facility. Perhaps the move gives them a second chance at it.

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