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Any suggestions for a good iPad character sheet?

I've been using one called DnD Sheets that does have Pathfinder rules built in, and I rather like it, but it has some shortcomings. The biggest being that there is no way to print it or export it. My only other major complaint is in regards to the Features/Feats page in it. Unfortunately, each line is treated as a single line in an entry. Meaning if you try to type out an entire ability in the same line with the assumption that it will simply break at the end of the space and start a new line, you would find otherwise. I have to watch how much I've typed so I know when to stop and start on the next line, as though inserting a new ability, because all it does it shrink the text. It also has this problem with the languages entry on the General page. The other minor one being that there is no option for pulling the Arcane/Divine/Psionic Pages out when playing a non-caster.

Frankly, I like using my iPad, but my DM would like to have a copy of my character sheet, so it'd be nice to have the ability to print it out (or at least e-mail, since I can e-mail my printer).

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I really like the CharacterFolio app from Dark Theatre LLC. It fills in a lot on it's own, like BAB and Init, and almost everything is in a drop down menu form. It has customizable equipment slots. Actually, everything is customizable, which is a good thing, since it has it's own issues like not recognizing that you have certain feats. As long as you know what should go in, say, AC, you can enter it.

I don't know if it's exportable or not. I would just fill out an old fashioned paper sheet for your DM and update it every time you level. The app is....$7, i think. Not a huge investment. I use it in the game I play in, my cousin uses it in the game I run and the other that we play in together. Another player in my campaign uses it, and yet another player in the other game uses it as well. Also....character portrait. Always nice!

Actually, not everything is customizable, or at least not easily. I'm currently playing a Human Wild-blooded Arcane (Sage) Sorcerer with plans to take Expanded Arcana more than once, and it has no way to adjust my spells known (and frankly, I don't like that it has my spells known programmed in). And between the Expanded Arcana feat, the Expanded Arcana from the Arcane bloodline, and the alternate human favored class trait for sorcerers, I need it. Nor does it account for my human bonus feat.

EDIT: Also, not exportable from what I can tell, and that's important to me. If I have to write it all out, no real point in not just using a paper character sheet.

I should also note that good fillable (not worried about auto-calc, although that'd be nice) PDFs would work also. My GoodReader App can print to my wireless Printer, and appears to do so quickly and easily (as I am currently testing).

This isn't a cheap option, but Herolab allows you to print a PDF version of your character sheet, which you could then use on the iPad and print off for your GM.


I like Character Folio. The notes section and easy hit point/spell tracking is pretty nice.

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