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Valryn's Edda
by B.E.S. McMillan (edits by Eric France)

In Atala, fair Atala
There lived a handsome boy
And he was noble, through and through,
His parents' pride and joy.

Thus Valryn grew up proud and strong
His father governed wise and long
Until a grievous secret wrong
His fine home did destroy.

South and south, though Valryn rode
T'was everywhere the same
Atalan troops embroiled the land
In some great deadly game.

So Valryn swore he would pursue
The pawn masters to make them rue
The day he'd pay them their just due
And his estate reclaim.

To Southport Town, far Southport Town
At length did Valryn fare
Just as Atalan ships arrived
And laid siege to all there.

Thus Orin, Raginal and Badri
Joined Tan'ate and Valryn in company
To spread word of this treachery
And north to Balan Keep repair.

A month or more of solid rhyme
I fear t'would take to tell the rest
As monster after obstacle
Intruded on their quest.

But still they fought with bow and blade
With prayer and spell each escapade
That ultimate success delayed
Until the crucial test.

The islands that tormented them
Were finally left behind
But weather on the mainland
Was not a bit more kind.

It drove them to a tower light
In which they thought to pass the night
To rest and prep for their next fight
This plan the fates declined.

With leaping flame and deadly aim
The shadow blasts struck sore
But worst of all when any fell
The damage done was more.

Valryn saw to save his crew
There was but one thing he could do
And between doom and his true
Friends, Valryn closed the door.

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