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Hello everyone, I am looking into suggestions for adding Adivion Adrissant into my game a little sooner than book 6. I know there is an entire thread on this, but it seems a little advanced for my knowledge of the story thus far. Because of financial restraints, I am going about getting the books and PDFs on a book to book completion basis. I get the books a little bit before the PCs complete the last book. However, in reading through the Adivion thread, i'm missing bits of info on how to put my own spin on him, but it seems like its a good idea to get him involved before the actual campaign appearance.

My problem is: I dont know when he appears, and how much information to give away about him. My players are just past Brother Swarm in Trial of the Beast. I keep reading that having him at Ascanor Lodge is a good place for him, but why? How much is too much about him? How would you present him to the characters? Any help would be appreciated, since I am not fortunate enough to read TOO far ahead due to financial restraints, and it seems like most everyone has a bit more GM experience than I!

Thank you all in advance!

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How far into the AP are you?

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The PCs are just about to present evidence for day 1 in ToTB and then will be heading to Sanctuary tonight!

As written, he doesn't appear at all until the final combat. Which is terrible.

I introduced Adivion in ToTB also. Wrote about it here.

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I brought him in right at the conclusion of Haunting of Harrowstone, sitting with Kendra Lorrimor at her home when the PCs arrived from their triumphant victory.

However, we're just starting Broken Moon and I haven't had him show up again yet. I don't want to make him too apparent. But they're at the stage of the campaign where his name will begin getting dropped here and there, and I want to see if the players pick up on it.

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But my question is, the way the campaign is written, if I name drop him some or have him meet the pcs, will they still not find out that he's the bad guy til book 6 or will it be easy to suspect?

He's mentioned by name in Broken Moon, in clear connection with Whispering Way.

I suggest you think of a nickname/alter-ego for him which you can use for talking about him and then reveal that he's in fact Adivion later in the AP.

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I see. My next question was if he introduces himself as Adivion. So how about if he introduces himself as Adivion, but all other references to him have a nickname? Or should it be the opposite? He uses codenames etc, but references to him that are found should be stating his actual name?

I just dont want to give him away as the enemy, but I want him to meet the PCs.

So how about if he introduces himself as Adivion, but all other references to him have a nickname?

That's how I did it. My nickname for him was Lord Deathborn. Cheesy, corny, but couldn't think of anything better.

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Thank you for the help! That's exactly what I needed to know.


Here's a few options that I'd suggest based on where you are now:

1. Adivion is a resident in Lepidstadt. He take notice of the PCs, invites them to his mansion, and offers to help them with their investigation. His help could be either genuine or misleading.

2. Adivion is an old friend of Professor Lorrimor and expresses his sympathies to the PCs for the loss of their mutual friend, either in person or in writing.

3. Adivion is a member of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye (he's a traitor) and is in contact with Judge Daramid.

I combined all three of these ideas in my own game.

Some ideas for Broken Moon:

1. Adivion went to the lodge a few weeks previous to the PCs' arrival, and he's left some odd clues behind that might pique the PCs' suspicions.

2. Adivion is at the lodge at the same time as the PCs. They meet him, and he either helps or hinders their investigation.

3. Adivion has deliberately set up Auren Vrood to be killed by the PCs in order to punish him for his sloppy performance, and also to hopefully trick the PCs into thinking that they have finally defeated his plot.

I used 1. and 3. in my game. You could combine these in whatever way you like.

4. Adivion is at Feldgrau, but he leaves without engaging the PCs in combat.

5. Adivion and Auren Vrood are the same person. He fakes his death and Feldgrau (or later gets resurrected) and comes back later.

6. Adivion fights with the PCs and is seemingly killed, but it turns out he was only a simulacrum (see the spell).

For ideas on integrating him into Wake of the Watcher and Ashes at Dawn, I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else. I haven't gotten those modules yet.

I had AA appear first in Lepistadt. He was described as the "Golden Boy" of Caliphas University (and a former student of Professor Lorrimor's).

When my PCs find the note on Vrood's body, I plan to have it signed "AU" not "AA." That should keep my PCs guessing until they hear the nickname "Golden Boy" again. Then the party's Alchemist will probably figure out that "AU" is the symbol for gold.

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