Pathfinder Society in Phoenix, AZ?

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Given it's the 5th largest city in the United States I'm surprised I can't find one listed on the site via the search feature. Does anyone know of one in town some where? I went out as far as 50 miles from 85014 and I'm not seeing anything despite the fact that almost ALL I find in stores around here are Pathfinder products.

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Try contacting Arizona Venture-Captain Jason Leonard – jjleonard(at)cox(dot)net he maybe able to hook you up with a game.

thank you. I'll email him now

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We have a good contigent here in Phoenix, just finished up VULCON this weekend, did allot of recruiting and actually ran out of PFS # cards. I will contact your soon.

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Out in surprise here, I'm just getting into PFS, so can you let me know as well, I'm very interested.

I just got into Phoenix late last year, could you also contact me?

Johnico wrote:
I just got into Phoenix late last year, could you also contact me?

There was a game at gamers inn in mesa I went a few times but my work schedual became intrusive. I am free now and willing to host a game but would need a gm as i am fairly new to this.

Hiya, I just tried to call the store where this Saturday's game is supposed to be played. They said Pathfinder isn't played there anymore. Can someone tell me where they moved? I have some friends that I've convinced to come with me and now we don't know where to go :)

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Unfortunately, Gamers' Inn needed to reduce its gaming space. These days the Pathfinders have been meeting at Samurai Comics on Country Club Drive in Mesa (in the same shopping center as Bookmans). They alternate weeks with games at Imperial Outpost Games in Glendale.

Take a look at the schedule and sign up for games at

Hey guys im in phoenix right now looking for some people to kick it with and play pathfinder. I'm in phoenix off of 27th and organgewood anyone interested hmu

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Hey Gynn! Phoenix has organized play gamedays across the valley, and plenty of our local players organize home games. You're more than welcome to come out to one of our stores to play and connect with new players and GMs. You can see our schedule at the Gathering of Players Warhorn and find more information at Tomorrow is our day at Game Depot on McClintock and Southern. Hope that helps!

Hi guys, I have been out of the game for a while now, (since 3.5 i think) and was looking to get back into it. I know you have your aGoP thing going on, I was wondering if anyone in the area has used the "Fantasy Grounds" software to run a campaign. It can be tricky for me to make it to the face to face ones because I have two small kids and live out in San Tan.

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I'm not aware of anyone using Fantasy Grounds, but my concern is the gamedays rather than home games, online or not. Game Depot has a Looking For Group board you could probably post a notice on, and Meetup has a few groups you could trawl for players on.


If you can't do face 2 face games, play-by-post is a commonly used option, Vladlock.

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