Manpower as a resource

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So, I had this thought last night and was wondering what people think. There have been complaints about wanting things to be built at reasonable rates. The definition of reasonable varries from player to player, but I think we can all agree we don't want to see castles spring up instantly but also don't want them to take a year to complete.

So my idea is this: Manpower as a limmitted resource. It could be a requirement for lots of stuff: large scale building, standing armies, castle guards, assistant crafters, shop assistants, caravan guards.

This is a hard resource to create. Its not like you can go out and mine it. It would allow for the game admins to control growth by limitting the number of people available for the players to do things with. They could be a significant resource drain on the ecconomy (which is not necessarily a bad thing.) They could also be a good candidate for microtransactions.

What do people think?

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, I agree. Manpower will be a basic element of the economy, and certainly you will require a lot in order to build a city.

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