Will there ever be a Pathfinder RPG on the PC?

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Steelfiredragon wrote:
darth_borehd wrote:
How would everybody feel about a facebook or Google+ game?

how about NO.

I'm not about to hash out money for a facebook piece of crap

Nearly every Facebook game is free to play.

that would cause me to get a facebook account to use.

You don't need to use Facebook as a social platform to have an account. You can sign up with an email address created just for the purpose, enter no identifying personal information, and enjoy Facebook games without worrying about the social part.

But really, no Facebook account?

Scott Betts wrote:
Mournblade94 wrote:
So YEs the PC's certainly can amaze with graphics. But if your a schleb that cannot build your own computer for $1500 to get that machine, your stuck paying Dell or Alien $4000 for that machine.

An enthusiast gaming PC does not cost $1500 to build, nor does it cost anywhere near $4000 to get one built for you. I assembled one not two weeks ago for well under $900, including some "above-and-beyond" luxury components like a solid state drive to handle the OS and other common apps. It runs Battlefield 3 at full HD resolution with graphics options set to Ultra, and it's smooth as silk.

Does that compare to consoles? No, certainly not. I can go out and buy a $200 console that will run Battlefield 3 at full HD resolution (with much less impressive graphics, mind you) and have a very playable experience. But the astronomically high costs you're citing are not anything close to what a solid gaming PC costs.

And really, learning how to assemble a PC is not hard. I'm hardly an IT professional, and I hadn't built a PC in ten years, but it didn't take me more than an afternoon to get it put together, with no hiccups. There are guides online, and every component will come with instructions.

Your right. I only now started to build computers because I was sick of paying Dell. I learned by taking mine apart. Since I was formerly an Electronic Tech with the Navy it really is a simple matter.

Even so, I use my PC for Wargames. My wife loves MMO's. RPG's I far prefer on the console. I played Civilization on XBOX but it is clumsy. I still prefer PC for wargames. I don't think they have figured out how to make a good interface for Wargames on consoles yet.

Scott Betts wrote:

I'm sure you'll tell us why this one doesn't count, too.

I'll be shocked if this works in the market, considering all the competitors are F2P games, and this is by design barely an upgrade over the WC3 map. $60 retail on PCs is a lot to ask for something this niche. But it does prove I am wrong, some multi billion companies can still make incredibly risky business moves.

PaulH wrote:


Been playing the old Neverwinter nights game recently, on one of the CEP servers.

Got me thinking, will there ever be a Pathfinder based PC RPG, on the same lines as Neverwinter Nights?

Paul H

If you like Play-by-Post, you might enjoy MUX games. Tenebrae's an old MUX who currently runs the Pathfinder system. It's a little different than tabletop and more similar to a live PbP--you have ongoing roleplay as well as scenes and campaigns. Players are asked to participate in both, and it's free.

They have a friendly introduction document, both if you're new to MUX or to Tenebrae. It's under "Start Here" on their website: www.tenebraemush.net. For examples of play on the MUX, check out the Logs.

There was a 4e MUX for a while, though it seems to have shut down.

Honestly I would love to see Pathfinder as a video/pc game. Even more so as an MMO. But I doubt unless a game studio is in love with the brand and willing to do it for paltry costs, Paizo will not jump on it. As far as I'm aware they simply don't have the millions of dollars in funding necessary for such a product....

On the other hand, if I had managed to ever get my entertainment company started (I still can't find reliable people, I am doomed to find flakes and slackers), I would have tackled the project from the ground up (engine and all) for peanuts (and of course a small percentage on the sales)... What can I say, I like Pathfinder.

Golarion has a LOT of potential to make great story-telling. Personally, it really needs to have it's own anime. I suspect Golarion has some fantastic visuals, good for lots of scenery porn (for those unfamiliar with the trope: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SceneryPorn ), and some fantastic action shots...

Artemis Moonstar wrote:
On the other hand, if I had managed to ever get my entertainment company started (I still can't find reliable people, I am doomed to find flakes and slackers),

Are you offering them any money? I hear money goes a long way towards people not slacking.

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