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I just got the Pathfinder Bestiary. Unfortunately, a fair number of the monsters criminally small descriptions--the Shaitan Genie, for instance, doesn't get much described about it other than telling us that they are proud and from the Plane of Earth, which is rather jarring considering that the previous Genie spent a good two paragraphs describing the Marid.

It looks like the descriptions of the monsters got cut short just to make sure that each monster completed the page that it was on, which meant that for some of theme I don't very much other than what they look like and their alignment.

Is there anyplace where we can find out more about the monsters that got short-changed in the Bestiary? Other books, articles, websites, etc?


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For the Bestiary hardcovers, monsters are generally limited to one-page spreads, which mean they get stats, and if the statblock is too long, only a little bit of description to go with it. It leaves monsters like the shaitan in the lurch, where they have a big statblock, but not big enough to justify two pages.

Thankfully, not all the monsters are introduced in the Bestiaries, and the shaitan genie is one of them. You can find the original write-up of the shaitan in Pathfinder AP #18's bestiary which gives you about a page of supplementary information!

Many of the monsters seen in the Bestiary hardcovers start off in issues of Pathfinder AP, so that's a good place to get more detailed monster entries.

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We often do 64 page books that collect 10 themed monsters and do a 6 page entry on them—we also often do large ecology articles about monsters in the Pathfinder Adventure Paths. And when we do new monsters in Pathfinder APs, they get 2 pages (that's generally about 800 more words of flavor material).

The hardcover bestiaries themselves are first and foremost rules repositories for the monsters; we try to fit as much flavor text as we can into those entries, and I'm actually quite proud at how much flavor text we DO manage to get in there... but that's icing on the cake.

For the Shaitan in particular, you might want to check out:

Pathfinder #18: This is where we first introduced the Shaitan; it's got a 2 page new monster entry in the back of this one.

Legacy of Fire Adventure Path: There's a lot of genie information spread throughout all 6 volumes of this AP. Shaitan info is particularly present, if I recall correctly, in part 4, but there's quite a few genie articles spread throughout there.

The Great Beyond: There's more info about all sorts of other planar creatures in this book, including genies.

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You may also want to check PathfinderWiki, which often compiles information from various sources. In the case of the shaitan, it's got Golarion-specific information and ecology info from Pathfinder #18 incorporated into the article.

Thank you! You've been most helpful.

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