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I sent a reply to customer services on 21:41 Friday evening GMT (so roughly lunchtime, PST).

I wanted to cancel my rules subscription for the duration of the Beginners Box.

Content of message as follows;
----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Feather
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 9:41 PM
Subject: Re: Paizo Order # 1834317


Please may I unsubscribe from the Rules subcription, for this order, and the remainder of the month?

Like several other posters, I am wary of being hit with import taxes for the Beginners Box, which would likely double the cost of the shipping.

I do think it looks a great product, and I may well buy a copy from my local games store at some point, but I can't justify that cost right now.

I still look forward to the other contents in the order.

Robert Feather ('Snorter')

I haven't received a reply to that mail, and today, I've had a further mail, telling me the same products are being shipped.
A further mail has been sent a few minutes ago.

Please can that order be intercepted? Every other product is still fine, just not the Beginners Box.

I do think it's a worthwhile product, and I may get it from my games shop in the future, but I can't face the increased shipping and possible duties.

I sent a reply via e-mail rather than create a thread on the boards, as I didn't want to add to the (IMO) frankly silly negativity I was seeing.
I've commented on those threads, that customers are given an easy way to opt out of any product they don't want.
Please don't let me have egg on my face.


Lantern Lodge

We totally dropped the ball and somehow missed your email. I'm going to respond to your email though for the fix rather than on the messageboards.

For you kids at home following along, don't worry, we'll take good care of Snorter.

Scarab Sages

<rolls over for his tummy tickled>

Scarab Sages

On a tangent topic, have Timitius or Liz enquired after including a print copy of Wayfinder 5 in this delivery?
(On behalf of Charles 'Ask A Succubus' Evans, a fellow UK contributor who doesn't have a subscription.)

If not, it can always go in the one next month.

Lantern Lodge

I've put a Wayfinder #5 in your sidecart for him to ship with next month's subscription shipment since your October shipment already went out.

Scarab Sages

That's excellent; I'll post it to Charles via the Royal Snail Mail, once it gets to Blighty.

Thanks for sorting this out; I can't imagine it's been an easy week for you.

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