Archetype with cross class spell access?

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I'm working with a new archetype for the magus class in HeroLab.

I envision it to be something of an opposite to the Kensai - a magus who is less fighter (1/4) and more caster (3/4).

Reducing access to some fighting abilities has been easy, but the benefit I'm trying to give - access to the wizard spell-list instead of the magus spell-list - is being a major pita.

The best recommendation I've heard so far is to find another archetype that gives a class access to a spell list they would not normally have and then duplicate the code.
i.e. archetype that lets a wizard choose druid spells or something similar

Does anyone know of an official Paizo archetype like that? It will need to be Paizo to appear in HL afaik.


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