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Due to the fact that Pathfinder hasn't renewed one of my favorite classes from 3.5's Complete Arcana I have decided to make my own Pathfinder version. Please note that this is the first time that I have ever designed a class for Pathfinder and I'm just trying to balance it out since the old Blood Magus was pretty weak in comparison to the new Pathfinder stuff, and pretty hard to obtain in a few campaigns where the DM won't kill a character then allow them to be resurrected.

Sorry this is so lengthy but I figured it would be best if it were lengthy and described everything for a clear understanding of the class. XD

The Blood Magus Prestige Class
Throughout history there have been several appearances of arcane spellcasters who have the ability to use blood as a weapon. Unlike Bloat Mages, Blood Magus’ believe that, instead of magic being in blood, magic can be put into blood. They use their blood as both physical and natural weapons. At will they have the ability to solidify the iron in their blood causing it to become as strong as any steel weapon. Along with the ability to sometimes be able to use their blood to deliver touch attacks at a range the Blood Magus is a powerful spellcaster without the need to ever come close to melee combat, so long as they have enough blood. At higher levels a Blood Magus has the ability to not only control their blood, but the blood of others around them as well. The most powerful of Blood Magus’ are so used to using their blood as weapons that they can even use it to jolt their physical performance to superhuman levels and defy reality.

Abilities: Constitution score 14 or above, Intelligence or Charisma score 16 or above (Whichever affects you’re spells).
Skills: Knowledge Arcana 8 ranks, Spellcraft 8 ranks
Feats: Toughness Feat, Diehard Feat.
Special: The ability to spontaneously cast arcane spells. Must have been put below zero hit points at one point during the game then either brought back to life, or healed above zero hit points.

HD: 10

Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Escape Artist, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device.

Blood Magus’ aren’t proficient with any weapons or armor since they use Blood Weapons and armor gives them the same arcane spellcasting failure as it would for normal arcane spells (the Arcane Armor Training feat applies to blood magic too).

Lvl/BAB/Fort/Ref/Will/Special Abilities/Spellcasting Lvl
1/+0/+1/+0/+0/Choice of Blood Weapons – Blades, Bolts, or Whip./
2/+1/+1/+1/+1/+2 Slashing DR, +1 Piercing DR. Blood is Power/+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
3/+2/+2/+1/+1/Magical Blood./+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
4/+3/+3/+1/+2/+2 Slashing DR, +1 Piercing DR. Improved Blood Blades, Blood Bolts, or Blood whip./+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
5/+3/+3/+2/+2/Summon Homunculus Int/Cha Mod/D. Sacrifice Homunculus./
6/+4/+4/+2/+2/+2 Slashing DR, +1 Piercing DR. Blood Drinker./+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
7/+5/+5/+2/+3/Awaken Blood/+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
8/+6/+5/+3/+3/+2 Slashing DR, +1 Piercing DR. Blood Walk 1/D/+1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level
9/+6/+6/+3/+3/Blood Armor 1/D./
10/+7/+6/+3/+4/+2 Slashing DR, +1 Piercing DR. Invisible Black 1/D./ +1 To Arcane Spell Casting Level

A Blood Magus must gather up blood in order to do the majority of his spells. In order to do this he can use a slashing or a piercing weapon or item on himself as a standard action, unless he was wounded by an enemy with a slashing or piercing attacks within the last ten minutes. Cutting himself will deal 1d4 points of damage which his slashing and piercing DR’s will negate.

Blood Magic requires very little concentration to keep form. Any time a Blood Magus would need to roll a concentration check for normal arcane spells he must do the same for summoning and maintaining his Blood Weapons, controlling the blood of his Sacrificed Homunculus’, Absorbing blood through his Blood Drinker ability, casting his Awaken Blood ability, casting his Blood Walk ability, casting and maintaining his Blood Armor ability, and casting his Invisible Black ability. Concentration checks made to cast blood magic get a -10 to the DC of the roll. If the Blood Magus’ bonus to his concentration is higher to the DC of the roll after the -10 penalty he does not need to roll a concentration check since he would succeed at the roll either way.

Blood Weapon – At level one a Blood Magus gets their choice of one Blood Weapon. This choice is permanent and the Blood Magus cannot switch his Blood Weapon when he has made his decision as it is his style of using his blood. There are three Blood Weapons: Blood Blades, Blood Bolts, and the Blood Whip. All of them are unique and powerful in some way, and it shows off how the Blood Magus tends to use their blood in combat. Summoning a Blood Weapon is a free action as long as the Blood Magus already has a cut somewhere on his body to draw his blood from. No Blood Weapon affects the Blood Magus’ ability to cast arcane spells.

When the Blood Magus has finished fighting he can simply will his weapon to be put away and all of the blood that went into making the his weapon goes back into the Blood Magus’ blood stream without coagulating, or rotting (this is mainly due to them being exposed to fresh air so they get oxygen even when not in blood stream) this is a free action. This rule does not apply to Blood Bolts that have already been fired.

A Blood Magus’ various weapons can be used as a Magus uses their weapon to apply touch attack arcane spells. It is a standard action to cast the spell into the blood weapon and then the attack is no longer a touch attack, but a simple melee attack with a damaging spell that comes with the Blood Magus’ Blood Weapon’s damage.

Sunder checks made against Blood Weapons require the same check as if it were to shatter a normal weapon with a hardness of 10 and HP of 11 for Blood Blades, 4 for Blood Bolts, and 9 for the Blood Whip. The Weapon cannot be considered broken, but when they reach half their health then the Blood Magus loses half of the Blood Weapon’s health. It is a swift action for the Blood Magus to repair his Blood Weapon. If a Blood Weapon reaches zero hit points the Blood Magus loses that amount of hit points from their health and loses their Blood Weapon until they form a new one.

Blood Blades – After a brief incision of the hand two large sword like blades appeared; jutting out of the Blood Magus’ fists, a menacing smile and more blood filled the air.

When a Blood Magus uses blood to form Blood Blades they form two individual blades that he can use as natural weapons. They go off of his ordinary base attack and attack bonus, and they do not require two-weapon fighting to use without a check penalty. They start off dealing 1d6+Str Mod damage each and at fourth level when they are improved they move up to 1d8+Str Mod damage each.

These blades can form in any way that the Blood Magus wants, however they always do the same thing and they must form around the Blood Magus’ arms, or legs.

These blades, as with every Blood Magus weapon are vulnerable to being dispelled. If these are dispelled the Blood Magus takes 2d10 points of damage from blood loss, and is unable to use blood magic for 1d4 rounds.

Blood Bolts – Blood formed into a small sphere into his hands, a sight like no other, and then it shot forth from his hand and splattered the cocky rouge’s brains on the wall behind him.

As a free action the Blood Magus can form Blood Bolts out of his own blood as long as he has a cut on his body. He can then fire the Blood Bolt as a ranged attack (Note that armor still counts so it’s a ranged attack instead of a ranged touch attack). The Bolts are considered a normal ranged weapon and go off of the characters ranged attack bonus to hit. The Blood Bolts start off dealing 1d6 damage each and only one can be shot per base attack bonus. At fourth level the Blood Magus than can shoot two Blood Bolts per base attack bonus and they deal 1d8 damage. Every Blood Bolt that the Blood Magus fires he must take 1d6 damage since he is losing his own blood. The range on Blood Bolts is 120ft.

These bolts, as with every Blood Magus weapon are vulnerable to being dispelled. If a Blood Bolt is dispelled before it is used the caster still takes 1d6 points of damage for blood loss, and is unable to use blood magic for 1d4 rounds.

Blood Whip – Where the incision was made a strand of blood came out wavering back and forth. Then it shot out of the strange man’s hand and started slashing at his foes. As they tried to run the strand of blood wrapped around their leg, tripped them, then slashed their throats.
A Blood Magus can also choose a whip as his blood weapon. The Blood Whip is considered a natural weapon so the Blood Magus can use it without the weapon’s proficiency. The whip has a 30ft reach and the Blood Magus doesn’t lose health for using it. The Blood Whip can be formed after the Blood Magus has a cut somewhere on his body. The Blood Whip Deals 1d4 damage, and has trip as a special attack. An improved Blood Whip at level four deals 1d6 damage and also gains disarm as a special attack.

The Blood Whip can form out of any part of the Blood Magus’ body he wants it to form out of, however it must be connected directly from one of the Blood Magus’ open cuts.

This whip, as with every Blood Magus weapon, is vulnerable to being dispelled. If it is dispelled then the Blood Magus takes 2d8 points of damage from blood loss, and is unable to use blood magic for 1d4 rounds.

Slashing and Piercing Damage Reduction – A Blood Magus is trained to control his blood. Since he is trained to control his blood he doesn’t lose blood when his skin is torn, and even has the ability to use blood as temporary muscle tissue so cuts aren’t as much of a threat to a Blood Magus as they would be to normal people.

Blood is Power – More skillful Blood Magus’ have learned to harness their blood to increase their physical performance. For his Charisma Modifier per Day the Blood Magus is able to add his Intelligence or Charisma Modifier (whichever is higher)bonus to his Strength and Agility scores for a total of one minute per his Blood Magus level. This is a free action.

Magical Blood – Upon obtaining a cut the Blood Magus can summon a stored spell from their blood. They can choose any spell that they had previously put in their blood before. The spells that the Blood Magus chooses to put in his blood are only spells that would either affect him or someone that he is attacking with his Blood Weapon. Calling upon a spell is a free action as long as the Blood Magus has a cut. A Blood Magus can only keep his Int/Cha Mod worth of spells in his blood at any one time.

Only spells that are melee touch attack spells, or buff spells can be stored in the Blood Magus’ blood. A Blood Magus can harm a player with a melee touch attack spell he has in his blood, but only if he uses his blood weapon to hit with the spell. A Blood Magus who attempts to buff another player with a spell he has stored in his blood must successfully hit, and do damage, to that player with his Blood Weapon in order for the buff to take effect (If he is using Blood Blades he only needs to hit with one of them). Spells other than melee touch, or buff spells stored in the blood fizzle.

If a Blood Magus’ weapon is dispelled these spells stay completely intact, but are also vulnerable to being dispelled if the dispeller is targeting one of them in the Blood Magus’ blood stream. A dispeller must have detect magic up to see where the spell is in order to dispel it. They must then roll a dice depending on the number of spells the Blood Magus has in his blood to see which one gets dispelled.

To apply a spell into their blood a Blood Magus must have a cut on their bodies already and simply cast the spell into a blood droplet and place that blood droplet over their open wound to allow it to get absorbed into their blood flow. The spell can be stored in their blood indefinitely and does not fizzle upon sleep or going unconscious. It only fizzles if it is dispelled, or the Blood Magus dies.

Summon Homunculus – Blood Magus’ have been known to summon Homunculus to use as an excellent supply of external blood. A Blood Magus can summon his Intelligence/Charisma Modifier’s worth of Homunculus per day. Also a Blood Magus cannot have more than their Intelligence/Charisma Modifier per Homunculus at any one given time.
A Homunculus doesn’t have any mind when they are summoned by the Blood Magus. They are simply mindless servants that the Blood Magus uses to do his bidding. To summon them a Blood Magus must cast for a full round as well as have an open wound on his body. Summoning a Homunculus depletes 10 hit points from the Blood Magus.

All Homunculus are telepathically bonded to the Blood Magus and understand common, but cannot speak it. They obey orders just as they would with Summon Nature’s Ally. They can fight with the Blood Magus, though often times they are simply sacrificed since they are very weak. Most Blood Magus’ who summon them when they aren’t planning to get in a fight summon them to scout the area since they are telepathically bonded.

Sacrifice Homunculus – Sacrificing a Homunculus is a free action. The Blood Magus simply wills it to be and the Homunculus pops like a balloon filled with blood. The reason why a Blood Magus would will his servants to die would be to use his blood magic without having to cut himself. Since it is a free action instead of a standard action the Blood Magus can do it much more quickly, and for higher level blood spells such as Blood Armor the Blood Magus doesn’t have to take extensive damage to himself in order to cast it.

Each Homunculus sacrificed is the equivalent of 10 health points of blood. This means that every health point that is required from the Blood Magus’ blood can be subtracted from the sacrificed Homunculus’ blood.

The blood is able to travel to the caster at a speed of 40 feet per round and doesn’t leave a drop behind, unless the Blood Magus wants a blood trail to be left behind, reducing the total amount by 1d6 health points per 10ft.

Blood Drinker – At sixth level a Blood Magus can absorb blood to regain hit points. This blood must be from his summoned and sacrificed Homunculus’. He gains a total amount of hit points back from however much hit points of blood he absorbs. He can absorb the blood either by drinking it, or having it go directly into his open wounds.

Awaken Blood – A Blood Magus can use Awaken Blood once every time he is in his Blood is Power trance. This is a melee touch attack spell, which can be put into a Blood Weapon as a standard action. Upon a successful hit the targets blood is awakened and all attempts to get out of the targets body at once. This spell then does 10d10 damage to the target. This spell is considered a special ability and does not provoke an attack of opportunity when cast, but it is cast like any other arcane spell.

Those who are immune to bleed effects are also immune to this spell. Those who do not have blood such as elementals or golems are also immune to this spell.

Blood Walk – At eighth level the Blood Magus’ knowledge of blood is almost at its pinnacle. Once per day as a teleport spell the Blood Magus can travel anywhere in the world he so desires so long as there is a target with blood in the area. He then is absorbed into his targets blood stream and must immediately exit. He may choose to exit without hurting his target, or he can choose to burst forth from it in a bloody display. If he bursts forth from the target this spell deals 10d6 damage to the target, a successful fortitude save from the target deals half damage. The DC for the fortitude save is the Blood Magus’ caster level added on to his Intelligence/Charisma score. To cast this ability is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

A Blood Magus does not feel whose blood he is going into. This means that even if he doesn’t know a specific person he cannot Blood Walk into their blood, however if he has a vial of that person’s blood on him he can detect where that person is well enough to use Blood Walk on that person specifically.

Those who are immune to bleed effects are also immune to this spell. Those who do not have blood such as elementals or golems are also immune to this spell.

Blood Armor – Once per day as a full round action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity the Blood Magus can call forth his blood from an open wound or from sacrificed Homunculus’ to cover his entire body in red armor. This armor does not have any maximum Dexterity penalty or any check penalties or arcane spell failure chance. It requires a minimum of 10 health point’s worth of blood to work. It gives the Blood Magus +10 to his AC. It does not add DR of any type to the Blood Magus, and the health that was spent on making the Blood Armor is the total amount that it has, up to a maximum of 50 points of health.

Every time something makes an attack roll on the Blood Magus, whether it be physical or magical, the Blood Armor takes 1d10 points of damage. It does not take any additional damage even if the monster still manages to hit the Blood Magus. It takes this damage as long as the attack roll made was over 10+ the Blood Magus’ Dexterity Modifier.
The Blood Armor lasts for a total of one minute per the Blood Magus’ Intelligence/Charisma Modifier.

Invisible Black – Only the very best Blood Magus’ have ever been able to master their blood as well as they have with their own arms. These Blood Magus’ are able to use their blood as a weapon that travels at the speed of sound.

Once per day, as a full round action that allows for an attack of opportunity the Blood Magus can cast Invisible Black. The Blood Magus simply puts one hand on top of the other and concentrates with all of his might on making the blood perfect for the upcoming attack. If he is in melee combat then he must succeed on a concentration check or fail at casting Invisible Black. If it is cast successfully then he stretches his blood out from one hand to the other, without having to even cut his skin, and when the blood comes loose from the hand he was grabbing it with and gives the caster a surge of blood pressure making him able to slice up the four closest targets to him. The Blood Magus doesn’t realize who is friend or who is foe during this and will attack the four closest targets regardless of who he wants to attack. This spell deals 1d6 per caster level + Intelligence/Charisma Modifier damage to the four closest targets to the Blood Magus.

If there are no targets or not enough targets within 60ft of the Blood Magus Upon casting this spell then he slices anything that stands above the ground including trees, buildings, walls, or even just the air. Anyone within 120ft of the blood magus when he casts this spell can hear the air swooshing as he runs around. The Blood Magus moves when this spell is complete to melee range of the last target (the farthest target away when he cast the spell) that he hit, if there wasn’t enough targets around him then he moved 60ft away from his starting position, minus 15ft for every target that was within the area, and the player chooses where the character wound up. Distance between targets does not matter when this spell is cast, as long as all targets were within 60ft of the Blood Magus’ starting position. Targets that are outside of 60ft away that are within 10ft away are still unaffected, even if they are the closest target from the last one the blood magus had hit.

If a target has improved uncanny dodge then they can make a reflex save of 10+ the Blood Magus’ caster level + the Blood Magus’ Intelligence/Charisma Modifier to completely avoid the attack. All targets that are hit can make a fortitude save of the Blood Magus’ arcane spellcasting level + His Intelligence/Charisma Modifier to only take half damage.

Scarab Sages

Try again please. The only thing that needed changing was the Hit Die and the requirement of the constitution skill ranks. OP didn't need to rewrite the whole fricken thing.
"Great Fortitude" is still a legitimate feat. Now, if you wanted to ADD "Die Hard" as a required feat in lieu of the Concentration skill- that could work.
The only thing I might modify for the special requirement is the following:
The prospective blood magus must have gained a negative level, either through death or energy drain. (This negative level may be later restored through magical means such as restoration or wish. Temporary negative levels bestowed by aligned magical items do not qualify to meet the requirement for this class)
Alternately- the blood magus could be tweaked and expanded to be either a Magus archetype or an Alchemist archetype. (I would remove the scarification ability from the Alchemist, however.) I would also change the infusion ability so that its temporary instead of permanent and allow the use to be weekly instead of once ever. More distinctly put, it would read as follows: Once a week the magus may distill his blood into an elixir that may augment one of his physical attributes. He must choose STR, DEX, or CON and he receives +2 to that attribute for 1 day/3 levels. He may only have one blood elixir at any one time and may only benefit from this ability once per week.

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