Can you *buy* 1st level wands with less than 9 PA?

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I was under the impression that to get a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (or any 1st level wand) as early as possible, you HAD to spend 2 PA to get it. You could not spend gp, unless/until you get to 9 PA. The Guide says that you can buy +1 weapons, +1 armor, +1 shields, 0-1 level potions, 0-1 level scrolls, and 0-1 level oils at any time. It does not say that you can buy 0-1 level wands at any time and since 1st level wands cost 750gp, you'd need at least 9 PA before you can buy them with gp.


We had some discussion about this at a game I was in this past weekend. One of the players has GMed a lot and he was the one saying that you do NOT need 9PA to buy a wand of CLW.

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You are correct, that's my fault for creating the confusion. I should have pulled out the guide and double-checked what I was saying. I would have sworn wands were included on that list, but they're not. You do need to spend 2 PA for it, sorry =(

Oh hey, it's cool, I wasn't trying to call you out on it or anything, I just was looking for clarification. I thought I had read in another thread somewhere that you couldn't buy wands with gp until you had 9 PA, so I had already spent 2 PA to get a Wand of CLW. I would have preferred to have saved my PA if I could have used gp so I wanted to clarify for future reference. :)

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And of course, you could buy one if you have it on a Chronicle, regardless of PA.

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