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I will be giving out (for free) our PFC Anthology Volume One at PaizoCon 2011. This book includes stories from 18 authors from the Paizo Community featuring all areas of Golarion. The book is 226 pages in length with a foreword by James Sutter. There will only be some 350 copies to be handed out on Friday morning of the convention. So don't miss yours!

We will be accepting donations at the convention and if you feel so kind you may send donations through PayPal using my email:

This undertaking cost me in more ways than one and I sure would apprecaite the restitution. If I can somehow recoup costs each year this would be a PaizoCon extra that would sit nicely by your Wayfinders.


Grand Lodge

The cover art looks awesome!
Can't wait to add it to my collection!

Silver Crusade

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This looks very exciting. I cant wait to get my copy. Just out of curiosity, will there be a PDF available along with the printed copy?

Money on it's way Ted!

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Thank you Majuba.

Yes, there will be a PDF for sure. Hoping to get ePub, Kindle worked out as well.


Sovereign Court

Zuxius, you have given me another reason to try to get there this year ... now if I can just scrape together the $1500-$1600 I will need to swing it ...

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If I can scrape that much together for the book I think you can do it for just a room.


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