[Open Design] Soldiers of Fortune is here!

4th Edition

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Soldiers of Fortune, the military sourcebook for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is now in print. Written by game designer and decorated veteran Matt James, this is the first Open Design product to proudly bear the Midgard Campaign Setting logo. Order it today in the Kobold Store!

Soldiers of Fortune is a guidebook to how war is waged in the fantasy world of Midgard, easily ported to any campaign. Players can build battle-savvy sellswords with the mercenary theme and new feats and powers such as Siege Engineer, precision onslaught, and lord of war. New paragon paths include the spellscourge mercenary and sacrosanct legionnaire (who can dominate minions with the divine conscript power.)

Soldiers of Fortune also offers players and GMs a tutorial on the art of war in “The Midgard Stratagems,” edicts that have guided military strategists to victory throughout the world of Midgard. You can put these teachings to the test in the adventure “The Battle of Sanguine-Crag Pass” fighting alongside (and against) NPCs built from new templates to help GMs create a fantasy army: from the jittery conscript up to the dreaded Necrolord.

Serve as a free soldier, or raise your own army to win fame and glory! Pick up Soldiers of Fortune and let your enemies despair.


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Definitly going to pick up this product!! I had talked to Matt about this supplement and it not only has great mechanics for 4E but a lot of information on troop movements and War-like information that can be use in a multiple of settings and I think, even editions.

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