RATIOCINATRIX: A BBEG for your 4E Setting

4th Edition

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RATIOCINATRIX: The Reasoning Mind; This BBEG has the ability to interact with the world in such a subtle way as to be indescernable from the background noise.

HOW THE BBEG WORKS: BBEG might flush Goblins from a cave using Spiders so that the local Village is put under pressure and the woods becomes off limit to logging because of Goblin Occupation. Now consider this occuring across a region. So that groups of Woods across the region that were once subject to local logging eventually becomes a Forest a century from now occupied by a Goblin population. Your PCs saw Goblins taking up residence in woods (and if you go looking as to the cause - it is a spider infestation is happening in the caves where they live - no BBEG there). This loss of a Logging industry might cut growth to a region so that a City will develop impoverished zones where the buildings fall into disrepair and become home to Stirge. The BBEG might introduce breeding pairs to a ruined manor. The Stirge infestation spreads to infect the city. BBEG introduces Yellow mold into the city Sewers and causes sickness in creatures living in the sewers to the point where they surface more often for the healthy air - instant Wererat Invasion of the Alleys and Streets at night. Disapproval of the Government increases because they have failed to maintain the infrastructure and let the economy fail. Other Criminals and enemies of the state see an opportunity to help this along - Kingdom Falls.

DM PREPERATION: You need to think about What this BBEG is upto before hand. He will have already set events in motion. He will have introduced yellow mould to the city sewers in several places to allow it to spread. Lowlife like Spiders will have been introduced to humanoid occupied caves at an appropriate time in order to flush large numbers of goblins into the surrounding forests and woods (but never in large enough numbers to make it obvious that he has a hand in this). The key words here are subtle and invisible. He is laying the foundations of the world that the PCs and other more obvious BBEGs will find themselves in. If Kobolds are migrating out of the Bogs to the hills overlooking the PCs village, it is because our BBEG has introduced a dozen Giant Anacondas to the Bogs. Feel free to max out Wilderness encounters with appropriate Lowlife.

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