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The following Introduction and Faction Missions for the Godsmouth Heresy are non-official. I’ve generated them for myself as I plan to run the module in 2 weeks time and wanted to add some more Pathfinder Society related flavour to the game. While looking for faction hooks I tried to use already existing flavour text and items and generated missions around them.
These missions in no way alter the XP or PA that characters will get. After all – I only generated 3 missions for each faction while you are supposed to get 4 PA for the adventure. I also haven’t been able to test them out. The Godsmouth Heresy is a big module and not every group will investigate every single room. When I played it we actually missed quite a few rooms.
So please use it as what it is – optional fluff. It is an opportunity for additional roleplay and to give players some added incentives. Please be aware that it might add to the total playing time.
I probably will generate some more nice looking mission notes – but for sharing here and to get feedback it was easier to post it in the current format.
All I ask for is feedback if you use them. Also feedback from players / GMs who already have played/run the adventure is welcome.


Adril Hestram welcomes you in his office with his typical broad smile. Despite your low standing in the hierarchy of the Society all doors opened like magic to you. At no stage did you have to wait. All of this appears unusual to you – but you are keen to go to action – so any worries you have are drowned in you anticipation.
"Welcome fellow Pathfinders." A broad smile is on the face of the most well liked of all Venture Captains. "I've heard you all joined the Pathfinder Society to find some adventure and fame. It seems like this is your lucky day. I got a request for help earlier today. An old friend of mine, a cleric of Pharasma and former Pathfinder is now working at the Godsmouth Ossuary in Kaer Maga. She told me she had an urgent need for some expendable, oops I mean less well known Pathfinders."
He checks each of you to ensure none of you have the tell tale sign of a wayfinder openly around your neck.
"The job I have for you is very simple. As I said before - it's an adventure, a stroll. This is just the right opportunity at your current level of training. Some real practical experience. You will be going to the Godsmouth Ossuuary, clean it out of some wayward monsters. Remove the source that causes all of that and come back.”
“We will even take care of your transportations. So you won't have to travel for weeks by ship and horse back.”
“Oh, just a last bit I nearly forgot. You've been especially chosen as you aren't yet known to the outside world to be connected to the Pathfinder Society. The job you do strictly has nothing to do with us. Should you get in trouble or in any way claim to be from the society, then we won't be able to help you and deny you ever set your foot into the Grand Lodge.”
“Until you are back of course from this little adventure."
Adril waves towards the door. A broad smile is on his face. “Get on your way. Someone is waiting for you.”

Everything suddently seems to happen very fast. You are escorted by some senior Pathfinders to the Head of Spells and just minutes later you find youself teleported into a spaceous room that looks like a chapel. A small altar adorns the western wall. It depicts a midwife, delivering babies (Knowledge Religion DC 10 to identify as Pharasma). A single female in grey robes seems to be awaiting you.

GM notes: The female is Valanthe Nerissia. And you appeared in the chapel of the midwife – room 7c on the map of page 30. Carry on from here with the normal aqdventure.

Faction Notes Andoran Player:

Freedom Fighter
Loyalty is one of the virtues of true Andoran followers. Seek out the Crypt of Wrath and Erdhikhan. For millennia he has served his master loyal and faithful. Ensure his loyalty is rewarded by laying him to rest. If possible do so in a fair duel. Anyone serving for so long deserves respect.
Rumours tell of a new kind of Undead creatures – created by means not connected to necromancy. If you come across any of these – destroy them.
Also ensure the destruction of any notes that would allow others to construct such undead creature.

Faction Notes Andoran GM:

In room 9b defeat the Skeletal Champion Erdikhaan and ensure that his personal belongings – half plate armour, masterwork ranseur are not looted but left with the skeletal remains.
Defeat all alchemical undeads from at least two of the following rooms: 25 (Skeleton and zombie), 27 (Vat zombie) and 29 (4 alchemical zombies). Esme is not an alchemical zombie and Cheliax members want to get her out without destroying her.

Faction Notes Cheliax Player:

Esquisite Flesh Mordel
One of my gloves got soiled with blood and ripped this morning in an unfortunate accident when I had to show one of my slaves his proper place. You will understand that I will have to replace them now. Should you come upon a creature of the darkest black, then please bring me its hide. But be careful with it. If it doesn't arrive in the best condition, I won't be able to make gloves from it. It would be most unfortunate should I have to make whip out of it instead I'm sure should this happen then you will be proud to be the first to receive some lashes to redeem your clumsiness.
Sources tell me that inside the ossuary is a room called 'The House of Lust'. Go there and describe it to me in all its glory. Should you stumble upon any items or potions that survived the ages and could be used to improve love and lust I might then bring them back to me. If I’m in a good mood when you come back, then I might even try them out on you.
Rumours tell me of a former lust slave named Esme Verisi who disappeared into the Ossuary. Apparently she has been turned into an undead creature but didn’t lose any of her appeal or intellect. This would offer interesting option and a unique addition to my menagerie. Bring her to me. I don’t care if you use bribes or intimidation. Just be warned – the clerics of Pharasma don’t look kindly on anyone in league with undead creatures.

Faction Notes Cheliax GM:

Room 1 – staircase. A DC 10 heal or survical check is needed to get the hide from the dark mantle. Add +2 to DC for each 5HP damage (or part thereof) inflicted using a slashing damage. Add +1 to the DC for each 5HP (or part thereof) inflicted using piercing damage.
Room 6d – bring back the Elixir of Love from the Lustspawn.
Room 28 – bribe or intimidate Esme to follow you and smuggle her out. There should be enough information in the module how this can be done.

Faction Notes Osirion Player:

Honorable Servant of the Ruby Prince,
Our proud nation has a long history that streches back many millenia. It is not very often that we come upon remains of civilizations that are even older than ours. Bring back any information you can gleam from your expedition. Knowledge is power as you will know all to well.
Be especially on the lookout for an acient form of undead that is supposed to burst in a toxic explosion. Our necromaners like to get a sample of the toxic dust these creatures are supposed to generate.
It is rumored that the Runelords inscribed their magic on stone tablets instead of scrolls. Bring me proof of any such tablet you find.
Not all power and knowledge is ancient. Our wizards tried in vain to connect to a Kaer Maga group of powerful wizards – called the Council of Truth. All scrying attempts so far have been in vain. Bring back anything that you think might belong to a member of the Council of Truth to aid our wizards in their scrying attempts. You can identify the Council by their emblem – a stylized owl.

Faction Notes Osirion GM:

Room 6e – House of gluttoney – bring back a sample of the Ungol Dust from a gasburst zombie.
Room 11 – The Disposal Pit. Bring back the crawling hand with the owl tatoo.
Room 13 – Ancient Archive. Bring back one of the Stone Tablets (unused) that acts as scrolls.

Faction Notes Quadira Player:

Servant of the Satrap,
I hope this letter will find you in best health and just in time ahead of a lucrative expedition for you. It has cost me a great deal of effort and gold to find out some information about the Runelords of old which are rumored to be depicted in the Ossuary. In addition to some statues we found out that a ‘house’ and a ‘crypt’ has been dedicated to each of the Runelords.
Of especial interest to us is the Runelord of Greed. We would be interested in any clues that could help us a step closer to find out about his invaluable treasures that seem to have vanished with him. If you stumble upon the House of Greed, bring back any information that could help to proof or dispoof that the treasure is still somewhere hidden on Golarion.
Another place to look for is the Crypt of Greed. Bring me back a description of everything you find or traces of former treasure that once was in this place.
And while you are exploring the area, please be on the lookout for any hidden entrances that would allow entry into the Ossuary from above or exits leading down to deeper areas. You will be all to aware that such information could become invaluable at some later time.

Faction Notes Quadira GM:

Bring back one of the Candelabra from room 6a or something similar that proofs that all the treasure there is fake.
Explore the crypt of greed and report back that no treasure there has been found and likely never has been there. If the runelord of greed indeed posessed invaluable treasure than it might still be hidden at an unknown place – ready to be found.
Find the Hole in the Wall (room 7) or the stair up (Room 26) and at least one way towards the lower level.

Faction Notes Taldor Player:

Brother Victorius !
Greetings from the glorious Oppara where I endure in the endless stream of social engagements that form part of my loyal service to the throne. While this is a hard live at the best of times, it has become nearly unbearable lately.
At the last ball a minor noble in a strange parade uniform was all the chatter of the ladies. This isn't allowed to happen again. Should you stumble during your expeditions upon some Armor of unknown beauty and truly of ancient origin then bring it to me. This should place the minor noble back into his proper place. It will also ensure that these endless balls become bearable again for me.
Some rooms in the Ossuary are dedicated to one of the seven Rune Lords. Find me the Room of Envy or the Crypt of Envy and bring me back any treasure that you find in these rooms. I can’t wait to hear back from you what is in these rooms. I would love to step into these two rooms myself but you will have to understand that my many social responsibilities here in Oppara don’t allow me to be with you. And please be fast as I can’t wait to hear back from you.
What would I pay to be able to view into the future? But alas – this isn’t possible to me right now. I heard about a true Mystic and Oracle living the in the Ossuary. You are just too aware that lately true Mystics have become a rare commodity. Just a month ago I had to send mine to the gallows as he turned out to be a cheat without any true powers. Find me this Mystic and bring him to me. I’m in dear need of a new Mystic again.

Faction Notes Taldor GM:

Room 6G, 9g – both rooms are empty. Taldor PCs will have to make a DC 15 diplomacy check after the adventure that they didn’t manage to find/open the rooms or to report this truly unfortunate fact that nothing at all of envy was to be found in these rooms.
Room 12 – retrieve the Masterwork Iridian Armour.
Room 17 – Yrix is a cheat. Taldor members should interact with Yrix and figure out he is a cheat (Sense Motive DC 13). It’s then up to them if they ignore him or kill him. Under no circumstances should they bring him back.

List of rooms with missions:

1 spiral stair, Cheliax black leather gloves, dark mantle

6a House of Greed / Quadira

6d House of Lust / Cheliax

6e House of Gluttony - Osirion

6g House of Envy - Taldor

9a Crypt of Greed - Quadira

9b Crypt of Wrath - Andoran

11 Crawling hand with tattoo - Osirion

12 Abandoned Armour - Taldor

13 Ancient Archive - bring back one stone scroll - Osirion

17 Powerful Oracle - Taldor

25 Alchemical undead - Andoren

27 Chymists of Life in Death - Andoren destroy, Alchemical undead Andoren

28 Undead Lust Slave - Cheliax

30 Entrances to Deeper levels - Quadira

Room list with missions by faction:

Andoren 9b, 25+27+29, 27

Cheliax 1, 6d 28

Osirion 6e, 11, 13

Quadira 6a, 9a

Taldor 6g, 12 17


You lost me at Adril Hestram. ;-)

Seriously great effort though! My only concern is that faction missions could extend this module even longer, so use at your own risk.

Grand Lodge 5/5 ****

Kyle Baird wrote:

You lost me at Adril Hestram. ;-)

Seriously great effort though! My only concern is that faction missions could extend this module even longer, so use at your own risk.

I know - for a post here on the boards it is far too long. But I'm traveling right now and need to turn it into a more proper looking pdf.

The missions hopefully don't add too much. I use monsters / items already encountered. You just need to ensure some are killed/stay alive/item recovered/destroyed.

If you get lost or it is too long - just pick one or two. The Introduction is the longest part and Andoran mission notes are dour. That's how they are written - I'm playing an Andoran. So for anyone only reading part of it - try the Chelaxian or Taldoran mission notes to start with.


Grand Lodge

Adril again!

It is good but it cuts down on your chances of describing/interacting with/in the City of Strangers. But jumping into an adventure this big may be what you need to do.

As to adding the faction missions, not a big fan. You have a lot to handle with the size of the adventure as it is. Though, you did a great job of keying all of the missions to their rooms and that will help a lot. I like that in this adventure you are doing things for the Pathfinder Society alone, not your "puppet masters". I also like keeping the Ossuary a mystery and some of the missions have to much information in them for my taste.

When I ran this at Conception I used a streamlined version of the intro I used when I ran it for you. It took a lot less time. They were able to finish the whole thing in about 9 hours and they even hit all the rooms.

Both times I have run it I had a blast. Describing things in their time in Kaer Maga also allowed me to foreshadow a lot of things they saw later on.

Just my two cents.

Paizo Employee Director of Brand Strategy

I'd switch out the venture-captain assigning the mission, as Adril is otherwise occupied these days. Sheila Heidmarch in Magnimar is probably a better fit geographically.

She's also not the Decemverate's enemy number one.

Feel free to use these in your game, but make sure all players know that these are new things you've added. I fear they might be disappointed that their PA isn't actually tied to the missions.

Sovereign Court 5/5

Here is the opening that I used:

As a newer member of the Pathfinder Society you find yourself seated around a sticky table in a dark, smelly and smoky public house in Kaer Maga far to the north in Varisia; surrounded by a group of fellow adventurers that you assume have received a similar invitation from some unknown member of the Society hierarchy.
As the introductions are completed a scarred, broad-shouldered man approaches the table, “Good you have all arrived safely to Kaer Maga; not always an easy task. I am Marcos (Farabellus) and I recognize some of you from my weapons training classes at the grand lodge, others are new to me, but it is of no matter. Today we are here on a matter of great importance. I have been sent by VC Shevala (E-O-ray) Iorae to trust you with a sensitive mission. Once again the Pathfinders find ourselves pulled into local affairs as repayment for earlier favors. Go to the church of Pharasma here in the bottoms district. There you are to meet with a priestess by the name of (Val antha) Valanthe Nerissia at midnight. Whether that is tonight, or tomorrow night is of no matter but you should not delay this too long. She will offer you a commission for a small reward, accept the contract and do your best to complete this. For those of you that have adventured for the Society before you may find this adventure somewhat different. This will be no; have a hearty breakfast and be back at the pub for dinner telling the usual lies around the fire kind of affair. You can be assured that whatever this Nerissia woman has planned will take days or weeks to complete and you should stock up or prepare however you see fit to best accomplish this for us. Have you any questions?”

Grand Lodge 5/5 ****


Thanks for your feedback. Here are a few answers as well as a report how it went. This was played at JensCon Zero (a private gathering for a whole weekend at my house - we played a total of 5 slots).

Using Adril:
I did write up the introduction while flying from the UK to the US. He did stuck out to me as I had just done some 8 games in the Blakros Museum and felt I could write something without further research that would at least be recognizable.

With hindsight and interpreting some of Marks comments as well as some from Wintergreen who played - well - maybe not the best choice. On the other hand - who knows where in the timeline this happens and there will be many introductions of Adril in the future (if you play earlier scenarios).

We played from approx. 11 am to 1 am next morning. That makes it 14 hours total. We did have some breaks inbetween for food. The mission notes did add some time. But to place it into context - the same group - albeit different GMs took 6 hours the previuos night running Murder on the Throathy Mermaid and spend some 7-8 hours next day to play the Midnight Mauler.

The whole group was very interested in the role-play aspect. As such the mission notes added a lot to the enjoyment. We did have some very memorable encounters that just would never have happened this way without them.

Some of them that stick in my mind

Andoran Mission:
A Duell of the Andorans with the Skeleton Champion. The two least? suited fighters insisted to take down the champion in a fair duell. It was a slugfest - with only a handful points of damage dealt in 7 or 8 rounds of combat.
Me unable to roll anything above 7 (needing a 10 to hit) - while them just unable to do any decent damage. It started well the first three rounds with me telling them that he seemed bored and just played.
He went down in a single swipe once both Andorans were down and the barbarian stepped in.

Taldor Mission:
The Taldorans trying to get into the Room of Envy. I used Dwarvenforge and used a nicely styled green door. What's behind the Green Door ... They tried to break it in, they tried to pick the lock, the Lustspawn was attacked by the commotion they created. In the end (a lot of roleplay later) the Taldoran's convinced the others of the group to burn of a charge on the Chime to get in.

There was also a lot of roleplay in regard to bringing back the Mystic. They never encountered him but early on tried to convince the Chelaxian Oracle to go to Taldor for their mission. Fun interparty interaction.

Cheliax Mission 3:
The Cheliaxian wanted to keep Esme alive. A fight that could have been ended in a single combat round (they had some potions of hide from Undead and two of them sneaked up) turned nearly into disaster (the Barbarian grappling Esme while raging but being on his own) and being sliced into bits - AC9 with 2 Skeletons hitting 4 d4+2 in the first combat round). Followed by one Chelaxian doing really good diplomacy rolls - only with the other on pissing her off by trying to use the wand of command undead (unsuccessful) on her.

No Quadiran or Osirian players at the table.

Giving away to much information.

Actually - without a single character having any knowledge history or other useful knowledge skills (this are low level characters and several had low numbers of skills) - it actually gave them some ideas of background. Without the mission notes a lot would just not have made much sense at all (or I would have needed to throw some information in as GM in different ways).

Photos - I did build ups using Dwarven Forge. I'm especially proud of the Octagonal Room (there is one advantage to be woken up 7:15 by your kids while everyone else still recovers from the night before). I will post them on the DF boards in the next days and add the link here.

Errata and PDF
I will update my notes. A few errata slipped in. And I will make a pdf that is better readable as the spoilers in the first post.

All in all - everyone (the GM included) had a lot of fun and a great day.


4/5 ** Venture-Agent, United Kingdom—England—Kent

Having been one of those lucky enough to attend Jenscon Zero and play Godsmouth Heresy there I would have to say that the faction missions added a lot to the experience - as did the use of Dwarven Forge pieces to build the Ossuary. It was frustrating not to have the knowledge skills to unravel more of what was going on but the faction missions gave enough hints to piece together an idea. I can't speak as to the suitability of the Venture captain giving the briefing but Adril Hestram was as good as any to pick out of a hat and helped push our group of Pathfinders into the adventure with a proper sense of urgency.
I was playing one of the two characters in the Andor faction and while we weren't from the classes best suited to achieve our goals we had fun trying. Knowing that we would get our PA regardless didn't stop us but I could see some groups perhaps deciding discretion is the better part of valour. I would love to see the Ossuary run as an all-day evnt at a conevntion with the entire dungeon built up using Dwarven Forge or similar 3D dungeon pieces. It might even be possible to run more than one group through it at the same time. The Blakros Museum model proved a real hit at Conception here in the UK and helped draw a lot of attention to the Pathfinder Society.

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I wrote my own batch of these along with a new introduction, adding the five new factions to what Thod has written. I thought Thod's faction notes for Andoran were especially pertinent for the Silver Crusade. Ditto for the Osirion notes for the Grand Lodge.

Tell me what you think!

My Intro:

Venture Captain, Sheila Heidmarch, has dispatched you to Kaer Maga in northwest Varisia to aid a group of Pharasmin clerics. The specifics of the mission will be provided by Valanthe Nerissia, one of the Priestesses, when you arrive, but Heidmarch hopes that the quick aid of the Pathfinder Society will help to pave positive relations with the Pharasmins of the Godsmouth Cathedral as well as other, affiliated Kaer Magan organizations in the Bottoms district. There is presently no Pathfinder Society presence in Kaer Maga.

Upon arrival in Kaer Maga, you make your way through the labyrinth-like multi-storied streets to the southeast section of the city known to locals as The Bottoms. The gothic majesty of the Godsmouth Cathedral towers over you as you make your way down a gravel path to to the front doors of the church. To the north, thornless black roses, thought to bring good luck, are planted in a bed in the center of the path, while to the south, rowan trees provide homes to sacred whippoorwills, birds believed to guide departed souls to the Goddess Pharasma’s otherworldly sanctuary known as The Boneyard. The two knockers on the double-door to the Nave are carved into large silver spirals.

A priest wearing dark purple and midnight blue robes answers the door and leads you inside the cathedral. He asks you to wait while he notifies Cryptmistress Nerissia that you have arrived.

A few minutes pass and the priest returns, accompanied by a somber woman dressed in dark purple and black robes. Her gray hair is streaked with silver and is pulled back into a bun. She looks over you as she approaches and then gives a curt bow to each of you. “Welcome to Godsmouth Cathedral. I am Cryptmisstress Valanthe Nerissia. Your Venture Captain assured me that you could help us resolve our problem….”

“Over the last month, bodies have gone missing from the lowest level of our Ossuary and we need adventuring sorts such as you to investigate and, if possible, put a stop to the disappearances. Many noble families invest their fortunes to see that their loved ones are kept safely at rest in the catacombs of our Ossuary. It would be an embarrassment, to say the least, if this information was leaked to the public, so your discretion is most appreciated…”

“To compensate you for your time, you will be rewarded with 500 gold to stop whomever—or whatever—is causing the disappearances. An additional 250 gold will be awarded for clearing the ossuary of any monsters that you encounter along the way. In addition, you are permitted to keep any valuables you find so long as they do not belong to the deceased entombed within. Any Pharasmin relics should be returned to me so that they can be given their proper reverence in our library and temple…”

“To aid you in your quest, you will each be provided with 2 curative potions and 2 vials of holy water. There is only one known entrance and exit into the lower level. To keep our priests safe, the door will be locked after you enter and will not be reopened by anyone not in possession of this Chime of Opening, which has five charges remaining. Save one charge so that you may exit the Ossuary. Are there any questions?”


Alternate Faction Notes for all 10 Factions:


Defender of Freedom,
The call to liberation is sometimes shadowed by the necessity of dealing with the dishonorable. A thief by the name of Skezza has been helping free Andorens enslaved in Kaer Maga's Downmarket district. Enclosed is a sealed letter of names of our countrymen who need to be freed, along with Skezza's payment for this service. My contacts in Kaer Maga have had trouble finding Skezza, but finally discovered that he is attempting to break into the Godsmouth Ossuary to fetch some Thassilonian artifacts for another of his patrons. Please deliver the enclosed letter when you find him.

In the name of freedom and democracy,
Major Colson Maldris



Delectable Plaything,
Your mission to assist the Pharasmins couldn’t come at a better time! I’ve decided to redecorate my boudoir and need your help. The Godsmouth Ossuary is built on an ancient Thassilonian graveyard dedicated to the seven Rewards of Rule: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. The theme of any respectable boudoir is lust and I have enclosed several scroll parchments and a stick of coal with this letter. Take rubbings of any engravings that you find that inspire the fourth Reward of Rule and your reward will be to celebrate lust with me when next we meet.

Until we meet again,
Paracountess Zarta Dralneen



Most Honored Pathfinder,
Rivers of gold flow through the dark streets of Kaer Maga at the helm of its Commerce League and we have been given an opportunity to set anchor in the thick of its harbor. Dakar, one of the League’s leaders, is a collector of antiquities and he has learned of our promise to aid the Pharasmins with their problem. The Godsmouth Ossuary is built on an ancient Thassilonian graveyard. The Thassilonian Rune Lords used the seven-pointed star known as the Sihedron as their symbol of power. I wish for you to acquire a Sihedron amulet for Dakar as a symbol of our good faith. If you are successful, our place in Kaer Maga is assured and you will be responsible for ushering in a new golden age in Qadiran foreign relations!

For profit,
Trade Prince Aaqir al’Hakam



Seeker of Knowledge and Truth,
One of the Godsmouth Priests of Prophecy has brought a most disturbing tale to our attention. He was witness to the ecclesiastical tribunal of a Pharasmin cleric named Svilennius Tripe. A banned book was found in Tripe’s quarters that details how to create undead servants without the use of magic. The attending historians of the Ruby Prince believe this is but a small piece of the total compilations by a heretical Osirion cult known as The Chymists of Life in Death. I believe that more of these tomes may be hidden in the catacombs by the banished cleric. These works cannot fall into the wrong hands! If it were discovered that the group had Osirion roots, our faction would be forever unwelcome in the Bottoms district of Kaer Maga. You must discreetly acquire these pages as well as Tripe’s formulae book which may have been left behind in the catacombs when he was exiled several months ago.

In Service to Lore,
Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage



Noble Pathfinder,
One of my former agents has gone missing with my property and I am hoping that you can help me track him down and eliminate him. He was last seen entering a side passage to the Godsmouth Ossuary. Since your service to the Pharasmins will take you safely inside, it’s likely that you will cross paths with him during your exploration. His name is Fisk and he’s a treacherous Tengu—one of those filthy raven-men. He should have on his person a gold signet ring bearing the crown crest of Taldor. I would be most obliged if you could return this to me. Oh, and please keep my name off your lips during your inquiries as this incident is most embarrassing.

To reclaimed destiny,
Lady Gloriana Morilla



Loyal Pathfinder,
Not all power and knowledge is ancient. The Decemvirate's diviners try in vain to connect to a Kaer Maga group of powerful wizards called the Council of Truth. So far, all attempts at scrying the group have been in vain. Bring back anything that might belong to a member of the Council of Truth to aid our diviners in their scrying attempts. You can identify the Council by their emblem: a stylized owl.

By the will of the Ten,
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin



Most Esteemed Pathfinder,
Your mission to Kaer Maga comes at an opportune time as our faction needs your help to acquire a rather unique set of armor belonging to a group of men known as The Iridian Fold. The group is based out of northeastern Casmaron and its members are found chained together—one in a unique set of lacquered leather armor and the other in veils. We wish to use this sequestered suit of leather armor from the bodyguard part of the pair to gain entrance into one of their membership halls located in the Tarheel and Highside Stacks districts of Kaer Maga. However, you need only acquire the armor. My agents report that at least one such pairing entered the Godsmouth Ossuary years ago, but never emerged. Return the armor to me, but do not attempt to infiltrate their headquarters. Rumor has it that both men in such pairings are veteran warriors and it’s doubtful that you would survive such an encounter.

For the east and all it holds,
Venture-Captain Amara Li



Bastion of Good,
Loyalty is one of the virtues of our true followers. Seek out the Crypt of Wrath and Erdhikhan. For millennia he has served his master loyally and faithfully. Ensure his loyalty is rewarded by laying him to rest. If possible, do so in a fair duel. Anyone serving for so long deserves respect.

For love, peace, and goodness,
Ollysta Zadrian



Trusted Friend,
A long-time informant of mine is considering exchanging loyalties with those hypocritical Andorens. Please deliver the enclosed letter to him when you encounter him beneath the catacombs of the Godsmouth Ossuary. It’s a reminder that we can find him anywhere he hides, should he choose to switch sides. His name is Izzik and he’s one of the Tengu—the raven-people that roost in the abandoned aeries of Kaer Maga. You should find him in the company of two other Tengu—Skezza and Fisk.

To reciprocated favors,
Guaril Karela



Servant of the Society,
One of our fellow Shadow Lodge Pathfinders has gone missing and I fear the worst has befallen her. Her name is Esme Verisi and she was last seen in the company of a Pharasmin acolyte named Svilennius Tripe. Word has reached my ears that Tripe was banished from the monastery for some reason or other, but no sign has been seen of Esme after that fact. I believe she may be hiding in the catacombs of the Godsmouth Ossuary, perhaps unaware that her lover has been banished. Please help her escape from the catacombs should you discover her. At the very least, return her remains to us so that she may receive a proper burial.

In the shadow of the masked ones,
Grandmaster Torch


Thod gives good GM explanations as to where players find each item/character discussed in the faction notes, so please refer to his original post at the top of this thread for those.

Randy/casiel :)

Grand Lodge 5/5 ****


Thanks for updating them. I really like them !


Liberty's Edge

Thod wrote:


Thanks for updating them. I really like them !


You're very welcome! Likewise, thank you for taking the time to start this whole endeavor! I think Faction Mission notes are an intrinsic part of every Pathfinder Society scenario. They're an inseparable part of the flavor that makes an adventure into a Pathfinder Society adventure.

Grand Lodge 5/5

Necoroing this thread. I will be running this module this Sunday, and have decided to try the faction missions listed here.

You guys came up with some excellent way to reveal some of the back story and I hope this goes over well with my players. I also used a bunch of different handwriting fonts to print this out to make them look different and tried to find fonts that lean toward the various factions.

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