Too Many Dots! or Can I Un-dot a thread?

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As the title says, if I view a thread or post on a thread, is there a way to clear the dots or the display of how many new posts there are on that thread?

Liberty's Edge

I wonder if no one has responded to this thread yet because they are scared of adding more dots on their page...

C'mon, someone help me with my OCD :P


It would be a useful thing.

Sometimes you click a thread that sounded interesting but wasn't. Sometimes it was interesting but it's now derailed. Sometimes you've simply got too many threads.

I've seen this feature on other posting boards but it would be nice if it were added here.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

This is on the todo list.

Liberty's Edge

See, I went and made a snarky remark, and now this thread has a dot, and is sitting at the very top of my messageboard page...dangit.

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