Advice on Recapping Chapters 1&2?

Rise of the Runelords

Some of my old gaming group is finally getting back together and the consensus is to continue from where we left off in the Rise of the Runelords AP, roughly at the beginning of Hook Mountain Massacre. The primary issue with this is that its been over a year since we were last playing the AP, and in addition we're introducing a new person to the group. Since none of them really want to re-play the first two chapters, I've decided to compose a mini-adventure of sorts to reintroduce the group, refresh everyone's memories, and get the new player involved in the campaign.
And so I'm looking for any advice anyone might have on this.
What information from the first two chapters do you as a player or a DM think is necessary to understanding and enjoying the story of the later chapters?
Additionally, how would you as a DM go about doing this? My ideas thus far have been to have an investigation started by the authorities of Magnimar on the events in Sandpoint and Magnimar. Alternatively or additionally, I was considering having Sandpoint beset by additional difficulties that would lead the party along the path of the first two chapters, which could possibly include: sinspawn raids on Sandpoint (we didn't destroy the runewell the first time through), Malfeshnekor and possibly Erulyium (both of whom I believe either escaped or weren't encountered), and/or continued hauntings from Aldern Foxglove and some of the Skinsaw Men. Any opinions on this?

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