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Just wanted to ask a few things, in case anyone here knows anything about Dreamweaver and/or HTML coding. I'm in the process of expanding the gallery page of my professional website, and several things are not displaying properly:

1. The lightboxed images in my "comics" and "colored work" sections do not show up in the lightbox; they merely open up in the browser.

2. The preview images in all of the sections are preceded by a strange and distracting half-page indent that I can't seem to get rid of.

How do I fix these issues? These two are the major problems, but I do have another question: how do I add text to the lightbox image? I need to credit some people for linework and other copyright reasons.

Liberty's Edge

Anyone there?

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Without actually looking through your code, it sounds like you need to check your CSS stylesheet (for the indent - maybe there's a problem in your use of tags/classes) and you'll have to read the documentation on your lightbox. There are so many available that the answer isn't universal, but it's probably worth just taking a second look at your code and the docs. HtH.

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