Give my friend a listen

Off-Topic Discussions - he's DJ Bacon and he's on right now. A good variety of classic rock mostly.

Check it out will ya?

The Exchange


I'll definitely give a whirl when I get the chance.

Better yet.. give ME a listen. Tomorrow at 9am EST. I'm DJ Crafty and I'll be doing Crafty's Eclectic Event. Go to and scroll about halfway down on the right and click a way to listen. It's my first show so tune in so I build up my confidence at the amount of people listening or I choke at the amount of people listening. One or the other ;)

But yeah.. listen in. It just might be good.

Going on in a couple of minutes.

Got the first show jitters a bit. But... It's going to be awesome anyway. As far as playing music for a bunch of people is awesome.

Scarab Sages

Let me be the first to say, eclectic is right. Wow.


Tambryn wrote:

Let me be the first to say, eclectic is right. Wow.


:D What did you think?


6th one down. Same name and all that. Give me a download. Tell me what you think.

Liberty's Edge

Crafty, good college radio DJ voice (always a good sign). Opening with a Neuman cover? Good deal. Rap rock, as a genre, pretty much sucks, though. Let's see if you can get me back with song three...

Haha.. how'd you like that Techno version of Kiss the Girl?

Liberty's Edge

"Kiss the Girl" was decent (more of a DnB/Jungle guy, but that was fun), you killed me with the Bon Jovi, though. I'd say your report card would be a solid b to b plus, with the occasional trip to the restroom to purge. But, the show is called eclectic, so I had to expect a few trips out of my taste zone.


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