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Is it possible to add items to a subscription mailing? I just subbed for the PF Adventure Paths and I would like to pick up back issues.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

You can combine any order in with a subscription mailing, it is an option during checkout.

Just put whatever module you want in the cart and under the shipping options on checkout chose "hold for my monthly shipment" (or something very similar). It will increase shipping costs for your monthly shipment, but not as much as shipping it as a part of an extra shipment.

MisterSlanky has it right. Also, you'll get the Pathfinder Advantage (15% discount off almost everything in the store) if your current shipment has already been mailed (but only in that case).

Of course, I think there's a sale right now, so might be no point in waiting :)

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