"The Tunnels"

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Galloping at inhuman speeds, Nailz leaps from one secure rooftop to the next until he reaches his destination. He see the marked rooftop of a little used warehouse. Scaling down the walls with his powerful claws he reaches the ground and scans about the back alley. From there, opens a seemingly unused barrel, and quickly retrieves his armor, an amulet, some heavier weapons, a heavy cloak, and some well-worn boots.

As he sets his feet into several puddles and walks towards the alley's dead end, his footprints, caked in water, oil, and dirt slowly fade from view. Stopping in front of a solid stone wall, Nailz rakes his fingers across its surface. It stretches open allowing him passage into the safe darkness beyond the Bazaar. Then, it seals itself shut, with each brick layer flawlessly back into its original place.

Wading through waist high sewage, Nailz proceeds forward some 300 ft and enters an antechamber. Taking a left and two rights, he approaches a gate in the sewage systems. Touching three stones in the gate's surface, the metal fades away.

He enters and the metal fades into place behind him. He steps into another antechamber and proceeds another seventy to eighty feet into a hallway and stops before rubber fill dead end passage. With a wave of his hand, the stone rubber seperates revealing a door. Pressing his hand against it, it slides open into a lavishly furnished room beyond the tunnels.

"Close the door, you're letting in the stench, aside from yourself."

"Master, I.., I....


The two minotaurs clench the hilts of their axes.

"I know you failed to secure the boy. You've wasted valuable resources and time the last four weeks. My master grows tired of failures and shallow excuses. So I've called in several specialists and mercenaries to handle these heroes, and the boy. Most all, I want Tristan brought to me alive and unharmed."

"What so special about a boy? A half-starved boy at that."

"You'll see. Soon, they will all see and know."

The Tunnels fade to back...


Oooohhhh! Enclosed spaces make me queesy....


Reclined in the comforts of her lair, Zhalail relaxes and lets her breathing deepen, slowly it gradually until she is in a state of deep meditation.

With her divinations secured and her physiology relaxed, Zhalail sends the messages. The pulse soon reach their destinations. Three more companions will join the Mistress of the Lost House soon.

With his master occupied in the matters of the occult and higher divinations, Nailz takes the opportunity to deliver more slaves, er contraband to discreet clientele.

Large rats make their way through the tunnels and pipes with sinister intent. Eyes red with malice and evil, their business seems to be with the Rat King of the Bazaar.

"Well, that was certainly fun. I wonder what they have me do next?"

Nailz removes an earthen gemencrusted crown off his brow and motions himself off an enchanted throne.

"MMmmrrrrroooooo! :::GRUNT!:::"

The Others remain in shadows.

"Correct Muu-Dread. Give them time to rest and misfortune and misery will soon beat a path to their doorway."

"My Lord wants that child. Is that clear. Do ALL of you understand it?!"

"Perhaps more scrying is called for. Maybe time and petience will reveal the secrets of this child for us."

"We Shall see..."

Zhalail twists and moves on the sheets of her bed as if in an erotic dream. Lost in the abyssal throes of matron, her breathing is deep then shallow in unrhythmic spasms. Her undraped body glistens with communion and perspiration. Her dark evil skin sparkles in the chamber's soft lantern light with no hint of betrayal as to the origin of her conversation.

Her eyes pop open and and she lurches forward scrambling in urgency to the foot of the bed. Donning a simple robe left on the bed post, she moves towards a secured chest and pulls forth a scrying mirror. Looking into it she sees An azure hued wizard moving with a young faire-haired boy. The fool was so busy battling canon fodder, he didn't seem the simple enchantment she placed on him.

She leans back and watches the events unfold without interference. As ordered by her Queen.

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