What level has your group made it to?

4th Edition

Okay, for those who started at level 1 and have basically been playing through the same characters, what level have you made it too?

We are at level 5 and 6 (the level five characters are almost level 6). We started a little after the core books came out. Encounters are going a little faster than when we started so advancement has sped up. We'll probably all be level 7 in a 3 or 4 weeks.

Well 5 so far is the highest, but in all fairness we've had alot of interruptions and character deaths and the like. If we played as scheduled we'd probably be almost in the 9th-10th level range. We started when the books came out, and tried to play every weekend but have managed to probably play 2 times a month for around 6 hours each game, once all the factors are considered. Not bad over all.

My group has hit an average of 2nd level as of last week. But, then again, we didn't start playing until about a month or so ago. We've been slowly getting into the new system and loving it. Encounters have been going great, since we play online using RPTools' MapTool; our DM has even set up power macros for all of us to help speed up play.

The only glitch we've been hitting each week has been audio communication. While we can chat using MapTool's chat interface, we're trying to set it up to where we can also talk instead of type. But it keeps getting gummed up because of technical issues at the DM's end.

Outside of that, we've managed to pull about two encounters a night (three at one point). We've been going through rounds so quickly it actually messed up one of our players. Our ranger's player was so used to us taking so long to finish a round in our tabletop 3.5 game that he's taken to playing Everquest or World of Warcraft while playing D&D... and this time around he didn't realize we had gone through three rounds before he flipped his window back over to our game to check our progress. Heh.

Just made 3rd level. Oh how the players hated being 13 XP short of it and having to wait for the next session...

My group started with Keep on the Shadowfell (about a week after 4E was released), and then moved directly from that to Thunderspire Labyrinth. We just hit Level 7, and the next session should finish up Thunderspire Labyrinth for us.

We've been playing basically once every week, usually for around 6 or so hours. We got through 3 encounters this week, and went through around 6 the week before... I'd say around 3-4 encounters per session seems about average, with it usually taking us 3-4 sessions to level.

We have one pool of xp, so no one falls behind if they miss a week. We have 7 total players, but will run sessions even if missing a few people. The DM scales encounters to our group size as needed.

Thus far, we've had one death (in the final battle for Keep on the Shadowfell), and had several players change characters between KotS and TL. (We are also rotating DMs. One of the people playing KotS also swapped out to DM Thunderspire Labyrinth - just as, once we finish that, I'm swapping out to run Pyramid of Shadows.)

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Dming for a group of 5, and they are oh so close to 5th level. Game going great.

We hit 14th-level in one of our bi-weekly campaigns.

Antioch wrote:
We hit 14th-level in one of our bi-weekly campaigns.

Wow! Even if I didn't have a child with one on the way, trying to get into a new house, and a wife who desires constant attention, I'd still have trouble keeping pace with your game!

Antioch wrote:
We hit 14th-level in one of our bi-weekly campaigns.

Just curious did you start at level 1 and how many hours do you average per game session (encounters aswell) and congrats on getting WAY farther than I can muster my group too.

I seem to be the slow poke. We are so close to 3rd I can taste it. We've been through the adventure in the back of the DMG and have nearly completed the first AP.

I can't wait for my cleric to get Command. I'm also mad at wizards for the errata that says I can only use my multi-class Warlords inspiring word once per day instead of once per day but twice in that encounter.

Whimsy Chris wrote:
Okay, for those who started at level 1 and have basically been playing through the same characters, what level have you made it too?

Our weekly Scales of War game that I DM is at 5th-level and about three hundred XP away from 6th-level. It has taken ten weeks to get this far.

The semi-weekly game I play in is at 7th-level, and we've been playing since day one of 4th Edition.

I've seen one or two 4th-level characters in Living Forgotten Realms in my area. Most people are at 2nd and 3rd-levels.

We did the Keep on the Shadowfell, with the pregens, so 3rd.

We played a 5th level game day adventure.

Our Rise of the Runelords Characters just hit Level 2. {happy dance}
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Human (chelaxian) Priest of Asmodeus.
Human (varisian) Ranger (me).
Eladrin Wizard.
Eladrin Starpact Warlock.
Tiefling Wizard.

The two Eladrin are twin females, played by guys. The Tiefling is female as well, played by a female. I was expecting more weirdness from the group (this is the first time anyone's played females, and well, we've got some *cough*socially challenged*cough* players), but we've all done a good job with the roleplay; last session had the first fight in two weeks.

And since I've bored everyone with "let me tell you about my character", I'll be off.

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