A power from a Dream

4th Edition

I had a very interesting and fantastic dream last night. The story was about a dwarf and his quest for vengeance against an Evil King. The Evil King was about to undergo some form of ritual by some dark priests to become even more unstoppable and powerful and bend the world to his might.

It was decided that the dwarf and his group of adventurers would infiltrate the Evil King's caslte and try to stop him. During that process the wizard made it to the King during the beginning of the cermony ( some type of dance where we all got seperated) and engaged in a titanic magical battle with his former master. He ended up being blasted onto this table destroying it. As he lay their dying, my dwarf grabbed an empty beer stein and used some power on it to fill the stien with a healing liquid. The only dialogue from the night was "Drink this Better Beer, and live to join the fight with us again".

So for fun, how would you create this power?


Here is the list of characters for those interested:

Dwarf - Clan killed due to opposition of Evil King. Swore a grudge against the king and his minions. Most similar to an artificer in D&D terms. almost an artificer/warlord.

Human Wizard - Apprentice of the Evil King's Court wizard but switches to the side of good after having his sister killed. He was our guide through the castle during the ceremony.

Human Thief/Ranger - Legendary scout who was noted for helping those in need. He escaped from the Evil King's castle and was our key to getting inside.

Eladrin Knight - who belonged to the church that opposed those who were to perform the ritual on the Evil king. More of a Paladin/Cleric

Bastien- Son of a demi-god of justice, Bastien was a honorable fighter known for his prowess with any weapon. Not sure what race he was if any definable in D&D terms.

Coran - An assassin we hired for extra muscle. He was a Thief/Magic User who could inscribe magic works onto shuriken and other weapons

Assuming you mean creating magical healing booze on the spot, I would say make a racial feat for dwarves that replaces an arcane or divine power and can spontaneously create a potion.
Perhaps make it an artificer paragon path, or even just one of many dwarven themed powers (like they did with eladrin in the Mithrendain article).

Dwarven "holy water" is the only holy water. :)

5d6 BODY Healing (50 Active Points), Obvious Accessible Focus -1, Incantations -¼ (22 Real Points)

CourtFool wrote:
5d6 BODY Healing (50 Active Points), Obvious Accessible Focus -1, Incantations -¼ (22 Real Points)

Hero System?

Azigen wrote:
Hero System?

Affirmative. Just being a git. It riles Sebastian up.

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