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Maybe this was buried in another post, but thought I would try and get an answer this way. I have noticed that WotC is advertising the new Dungeon and Dragon magazines slated to come out in October. But I don't see shown how we are actually supposed to get them. Nor do I see how much they will cost.

Does anyone know/understand the specifics of it? Is it part of the whole D&D insider "package" or will it be separate? How do you sign up for it? Or can you yet?

Just wondering if anyone yet had the answers to this.

I understand the first few months will be free and they start in October.

The Exchange

At the moment, you can login as a guest to see those little tidbits connected to the Digital Initiative. I'm not quite sure when they will begin to charge money but at least this year, DI-connected ofers should be free according to some official statements.

Somewhere on the wotc-page I read that they will have regular updates (mondey, wednesday, friday) of Dragon and Dungeon content, and at the end of the month, there will be some kind of monthly compendium of those articles

My understanding their going with the crack cocaine model. I'll give you your first taste for free and if you want some more you just come back and see me.

Works on me - I've not even had my first taste and I'm already contemplating doing B&Es to pay for the addiction.

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