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Hi everyone.

I am absolutely geeked to be working with Erik, Lisa, James and the Paizo crew! Bill and I and everyone at Necro could not possibly be happier. I really think we have the same vision for quality products and I know Erik and James dig the old school vibe that we represent.

I absolutely cannot wait to get things cranked up!

See you all here on the Paizo boards and over on the Necro boards!


PS--sorry for the delay in getting in here. I had some computer issues. Which, of course, justified me getting a new super high end pimped out computer :) Of course, that new subsrciption to Lord of the Rings ONline might have played a part... ")

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I know I'm not alone when I say I look forward to seeing what offspring this twisted union produces! :)

Legendary Games, Necromancer Games

Blast that 4E!!!! I'm really sorry about how much this 4E changeover has slowed our (Necro and Paizo's) team up. It isnt that we dont want to make fun stuff together, its just that 4E's timing couldnt have been worse. We thought we had another year to make fun 3.5 stuff for you before switching over. But the rumors turned out to be true, that 4E is next year. And Erik and I were worried that was the case, so we waited. And I am glad we did. But boy oh boy are we ready to get cranking on some killer D&D stuff. Erik and I really share the same vision of how D&D should be and I cannot wait to get our collective heads together on things. It is really going to be awesome.


I've only recently started looking into OGL and non-WotC products, but I'm getting hooked on them, and I think Necromancer Games is definitely one of the best out there (even though I only started D&D with 3rd Edition, so I don't know much about 1st Edition and how it should feel) . I can't wait for the 4th Edition Tome of Horrors, and I'm excited to see what else this partnership brings :)

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I'm not a 3e fan but I own many Necromancer products. Really top notch work.

Looking forward to 4e Necro products too.

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