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I'm enjoying the Paizo boards and store... but wonder if you couldn't make it a bit more responsive by paging all the threads and thread lists. As it stands, looking at a board shows all the threads on it, ever, and looking at a thread shows all the posts on it, ever... which must be hitting your infrastructure more than is optimal.

Just a suggestion :)

I also wonder if you wouldn't be better off with fewer tables, and less inline HTML formatting, and more CSS stylesheet goodness. Screw the obsolete browser crowd!

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Paging threads is definitely on our to-do list. Not sure when we'll get around to it, though.

As for our HTML formatting, well, we probably won't make any significant changes until the next site redesign. (Which isn't on our to-do list right now. :-)

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

We've added paging to long messageboard threads. (Failed Wil Save, I'm looking at you! :-)

You also don't have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to go elsewhere in the messageboards anymore.

I grovel at your feet.

...although I'd be strewing your path with rose petals if you could put page numbers on the thread listing! :)

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Not sure if/when we might add paging the list of threads in a forum.

I should point out that we just rolled new code that fixes posting to paged threads, and fixes the "most recent post in thread" links for paged threads. Oh, and also we fixed the links to messageboard posts (in paged threads) on the search results page.

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