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Evil causes pain to taijiki, the life force that flows through all living things in the universe. Destroyers are warriors hand-picked by the universe itself, to purge it of evil.

This 25-page guide contains everything you need to play as the universe's agent of fury, from levels 1 to 20, in Pathfinder Second Edition. Includes 87 feats to customize your destroyer, as well as multiclass feats for characters of other classes who answer the call to serve the universe.

Instead of hacking and slashing, or blasting its way through foes, the destroyer is a "rogue" warrior. It relies on perception to discern what foes are going to do, so it can attack, defend, and move with perfect timing, undoing them with minimal effort. And some use devious, taijiki magic to cripple, and steal their life force.

The destroyer class introduces new ways to fight evil:

  • Sense Intention — Use your taijiki-enhanced senses in combat to detect when your enemies are going to attack, and when openings will appear in their defenses, improving your attacks and defenses. As you level up, choose to learn advanced techniques from tons of feats, that let you pull off amazing stunts of timing such as redirecting, or negating attacks, and backlashing spells.
  • Fumbler's Gift — Respond with punishing counterattacks, or prevent them from regaining their balance, when your enemies make critical misses.
  • Taijiki Spells — Wreak havoc on the taijiki flowing through your enemies causing bizarre and crippling, physiological conditions. And manipulate your own to gain extraordinary abilities.

"The mannerisms, and gestures a creature uses in combat are a type of language—a body language—that if you can read it, will tell you everything he's going to do. I taught you the fundamentals of how to do that. It's up to you to become better at it. But it will take dedication. For while body language is universal, each creature has its own dialect. If you become legendary at it, there will be no evil that can escape destruction by your hands."
— Bahaurang, Vengeful Aspect of the Universe, and Grandmaster of Destroyers

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