This World Has Need of Song and Sword!


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Select Pathfinder Apparel and T-Shirts Now on Sale!

We've added a number of Pathfinder products to our Golem Sale & Clearance!

Several Pathfinder apparel items are now 50% off, such as t-shirts featuring Valeros, Seoni, Harsk, and Merisiel. Select Pathfinder books are also on sale. Products such as the Inner Sea NPC Codex, Distant Worlds, Occult Realms, Varisia, Birthplace of Legends, and many more are also 30% off!

Looking for newer apparel options? We have a bevy of Starfinder options available, such as the Starfinder Space Goblin T-Shirt, Starfinder Logo T-Shirt, Space Goblin Blood Orange IPA T-Shirt, and even a Starfinder Lanyard. There are also great options for Organized Play! Commemorate the launch of the first Starfinder Society season and latest Pathfinder Society season with the Starfinder Society: Year of Scoured Stars T-Shirt and Pathfinder Society: Year of Factions Favor T-Shirt!

Check out all the great new items on sale here on!

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