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Starfinder Bottle Opener

Our Price: $1.99

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Sometimes those twist-off tops just don't twist—make sure you've got the right piece of gear to tackle that encounter with these exclusives!

A technomancer wouldn't wander into the fray without their spell cache, and no vesk soldier would take a walk without their favorite doshko, so why head off to game night without arming yourself? Whatever your favorite beverage, you're going to have to open the container it came in, so why not use a Starfinder Bottle Opener!

Prefer your beverages in cans instead of bottles? We've got you covered with the Starfinder Can Koozie! This can cooler fits most 12-ounce cans—even bottles—and is made with polyurethane foam for premium insulation.

We have plenty of great exclusive Pathfinder accessories as well, such as barware, miniatures, and pins—all great gift ideas for the gamers in your life!

Speaking of gift ideas, be sure to check out all the great products available in the Golem Sale & Clearance!

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