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Pathfinder Map Pack: Fungus Forest

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New Pathfinder Flip-Mat and Map-Pack Released!

It's a double feature of maps! A new Pathfinder Map Pack, and a new Pathfinder Flip-Mat product are now available!

First up is Pathfinder Map Pack: Fungus Forest, which includes beautifully illustrated 5" × 8" map tiles that can be used whether you need to infest a single corner of a cavern or flesh out an entire forest. Inside, you'll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, with features like: choke-point entry, dead end, hidden spring, and more.

Next is Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Bigger Keep, which features an area that's 45% larger than normal Pathfinder Flip-Mats. This massive gaming accessory presents an extensive multi-level keep, complete with an armory, arrow slits, a drilling yard, guard towers, a mess hall, a moat, and a shrine for valiant defenders.

And what are maps without miniatures? Don't forget about our many options for Pathfinder Battles Miniatures to fill your maps with heroes and villains alike, and we have many options from Reaper Miniatures on sale now! Also, Chessex now carries a new 6 Pen Mat Marker Set.

Keep in mind Pathfinder Maps subscribers receive a free digital copy with the shipment of your Flip-Mat and Map Packs!

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